Seattle Seahawks 2013 6 round mock draft – version 2.0

Mocking the draft – close up

The Seattle Seahawks get to work their annual draft day magic this week. John Schneider and Pete Carroll have had a line of success already in their time in Seattle and have given Seahawks fans good reason to be extra excited come draft weekend. Despite all the guesswork of the draft, the front office will put together a cold, calculated list of mid and late round talent.

For those of us nerds out there who eat, sleep and breathe football, it’s a special time of year as well.

Not only do we get to see our favorite team go through the draft process, but we get to play our own guessing game known as mock draft season. And with the draft coming Thursday, the season is coming to an abrupt end for us nerds.

With all that being said, let’s get started.

Round 2, 56th overall

Quinton Patton – WR – Louisiana Tech

With the addition of Percy Harvin, you would think the Seahawks are set at wide receiver. I would tend to agree in most cases, but it’s hard to argue with a pick like Quinton Patton. As much as we all love Sidney Rice, it’s no secret that’s he’s not always reliable and lacks the consistency to be a true #1. Enter Patton.

Patton is quick, runs great routes, has good hands and has some incredible athletic ability. He can and will spread the field and give Russell Wilson a deep threat whenever needed. His athleticism allows him to out-fight defenders for contested passes, especially if he gets the opportunity to do so behind the defender.

Patton has been compared to Mike Wallace and Reggie Wayne.

2012 Stats: 104 catches, 1,392 yards, 13 touchdowns

Khaseem Greene

Khaseem Greene would definitely compete with Malcolm Smith for the starting OLB job (Jim O’Connor-US PRESSWIRE)


Round 3, 87th overall

Khaseem Greene – OLB – Rutgers

Not a big, overpowering linebacker, Khaseem Greene brings speed and athleticism to the weakside linebacker position. While I have no issue with Malcolm Smith taking over the starting job, I can easily see Greene coming in and challenging immediately for the starting job.

He uses his speed to close gaps quickly or to get into the backfield and wreak havoc. He can play effectively with tight ends and slot receivers and can stay with them down field.

He is a wrap-up tackler, not a hard hitter, but he makes his speed and agility work for him. Greene is a good zone guy and does a good job against trickier plays like screens and quarterback options. He’s not huge like a linebacker should be, but effectively utilizes his strengths to diminish whatever negative traits he may have.

2012 stats: 136 tackles, 12 tackles for loss, 6 sacks, 6 forced fumbles, 5 passes defended, 2 interceptions


Round 4, 123rd overall

Akeem Spence – DT – Illinois

Known more for his run stopping ability than anything, Akeem Spence brings some speed and agility to the defensive line when needed. Not a great pass rusher, Spence could be used situationally in run stopping situations. If the Seahawks can work one of their bazillion pass rushing DEs in at DT on passing plays, working Spence in sporadically would benefit the team greatly.

While his line mechanics can be tweaked to make him a more effective pass rusher, it shouldn’t be necessary. He can shift on plays all over the line and make stops at the line of scrimmage or chase down ball carriers near the line. If he does get extra playing time, he can handle it, standing in for most of the offensive plays that Illinois ran last year. He doesn’t wear down easily which makes him stronger as the game goes on.

2012 stats: 72 tackles, 7 tackles for loss, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble


Round 5, 138th overall, 158th overall

Chris Faulk – OT – LSU

Chris Faulk isn’t the most gifted of offensive lineman. What he lacks in technique, he more than makes up for in power. Faulk is a raw talent and is projected to be solely a right tackle. This works in favor of the Seahawks who could use a little relief from Breno Giacomini‘s penalties and knack for getting beat by mid-to-top flight defensive linemen.

Chris Faulk

Chris Faulk could provide some relief from the Breno Giacomini turnstyle

Faulk could use a lot of technique work, and I am confident that he can pick up those skills as a Seahawk. His strength is his greatest asset and it shows. While going up against solid defensive lineman, even if overmatched, Faulk uses his strength to overpower those guys. It isn’t pretty, but it’s effective.

Players won’t be able to run through him like they do now to the current switchable right tackles.


Joseph Fauria – TE – UCLA

If the last name looks familiar, it’s because it is. His father, Christian, was a TE for the Seahawks back in the day. Fauria is not a blocking tight end, but rather a solid receiving TE with some big time athleticism. Have you seen the recent string of receivers hurdling giant defenders? That’s how Fauria operates downfield.

He has good hands and catches away from his body which gives him the ability to get full momentum after the catch to gain a few guaranteed extra yards. He is a possession receiver and is a serious threat in the red zone.

His size can hurt at times, as he tends to get tripped up easily every once in a while because of his lengthy frame. Fauria will win battles downfield against linebackers in coverage. His speed surprises opponents and he takes full advantage of it by getting off the line quicker or creating separation from defenders.

2012 stats: 46 catches, 637 yards, 12 touchdowns


Round 6, 194th overall

Sean Renfree – QB – Duke

With the exit of Matt Flynn, the Seahawks may be looking to find someone that fit his mold. That’s where Sean Renfree enters the picture. A prototypical pocket passer, Renfree has good accuracy and arm strength. He is willing to take chances downfield and he can create separation for his receivers based on his throws alone. While Renfree has a history of injury, he seems to make the most effective use of whatever playing time he gets.

He has decent speed and agility so if he needs to, he can take off. It won’t cross his mind until the last second which can in turn hurt him at times. He sometimes focuses on one receiver, leaving himself vulnerable to interceptions at times.

Interesting side note – Renfree’s head coach (David Cutcliffe) is the same guy who helped Peyton and Eli Manning with their passing techniques as they came up through college at Tennesse and Mississippi, respectively.

2012 stats: 3,113 yards, 19 touchdowns, 10 interceptions, 67% completion,


Round 7, 220th, 231st, 241st, 242nd

DeVonte Holloman – S/OLB – South Carolina

DeVonte Holloman is a more rare type of hybrid athlete. Having effectively played both strong safety and linebacker in college, Holloman brings some athleticism to both positions. We all know how Pete loves his versatile players who can handle multiple positions, so it makes Holloman more attractive as a pick and a good chance at making the squad with a respectable showing in camps.

Holloman has good hands and will pick off passes more often than not if they are thrown in his vicinity. His hybrid ability allows him to blitz the passer effectively, but also stay with receivers downfield. He is a great tackler, securing his guy instead of going for risky tackles. He could be a steal if chosen before teams get a UFA look at him.

2012 stats: 55 tackles, 8 tackles for loss, 4 passes defended, 2 forced fumbles, 2 sacks, 3 interceptions


Omoregie Uzzi – G – Georgia Tech

Omeregie Uzzi is both a good run and pass blocker. As a run blocker, he has no issue getting to the second level to help block downfield. As a pass protector, he possesses good strength to make big blocks or the speed and agility to move down the line to help teammates who may be having a touch time.

He has been known to end up on his back more than some would like to see, but that is an issue that can be worked out with some hand and footwork lessons from professional coaches. He’s an athletic blocker and can stay with both a running back or even Russell Wilson to help get them into more open field. He becomes a lot less effective at the second level, though, and must find a way to counter that in order to create more opportunities for the ball carrier.

DeVonte Holloman

DeVonte Holloman is a hybrid safety and linebacker who can effectively help at both positions if needed


Kenny Okoro – CB – Wake Forest

Kenny Okoro (real name Chibuikem) is projected to go undrafted this season and therefore there is not much information/scouting on him. What I DO know is this…he is tall and extremely athletic. While some of his mechanics need work, he relies on his football IQ to propel his value.

I also know that while Pete and John have good luck picking and choosing undrafted free agents, they may not want a guy like this to get to that point…they may want him all to themselves.

Highlights: (part 1) (part 2)

Mario Benavides – C – Louisville

Blocking for an athletic quarterback should be no issue for Mario Benavides. He did it for multiple years at Louisville, especially this year for agile QB Teddy Bridgewater. Benavides is a strong guy with great footwork and can handle the initial rush as well as hold off linebackers trying to get through the line.

He baits players with their own speed before cutting them off abruptly to keep them from making a play.

Because of his agility, he was able to pull block down the line in order for ball carriers to find an open hole and take off. Being compared to John Sullivan, Benavides could be a steal if he stays healthy. That’s the biggest issue he had in college.

Despite his many starts, the man was hurt quite a bit.



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