The Seattle Seahawks 2013 backup QB battle

Who’s Number 2?

Tuesday the picture of who would become Russell Wilson‘s backup became a little clearer. The Seahawks released Josh Portis, not that I thought Portis had much of a shot of the position anyway.

A few days ago Josh landed in the news after being arrested on suspicion of DUI.

His agent, JR Rickert,  was adamant on twitter that Portis was never arrested, but the damage has already been done.

When a player is a long shot to make a team–any team–he must remain on the straight and narrow path.  Unfortunately for Portis, he couldn’t manage to do that.  Being the second Seahawks player in the news last week for a negative reason didn’t help his case.

Portis’ departure leaves veteran Brady Quinn and rookie Jerrod Johnson to battle out for the teams backup position.

At this point I would have to say it is Brady Quinn‘s job to lose.  Not only does Brady have the experience that Jerrod is lacking, Johnson is eligible to be placed on the practice squad.  That means the team could have a 3rd quarterback who doesn’t take up a spot on the 53-man roster.

Will Brady Quinn be the backup in Seattle (Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Will Brady Quinn be the backup in Seattle (Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Jerrod has been cut the last two season by the Eagles and the Steelers.  After being cut he played for the UFL and the AFl.  Neither league pays near as much as the $102,000 Josh would earn this year on the practice squad.

I would be surprised if he wasn’t willing to sign with the Seahawks for that reason alone, let alone having a chance to work with Wilson, Quinn and quarterback coach Carl Smith.

Brady Quinn hasn’t exactly been successful in the NFL.

As I stated in the piece I did a few month ago, Brady hasn’t been on very good teams.

I expect him to be better in Seattle than he has been in the past due to his supporting cast.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the team added another veteran quarterback to compete for the position at some point, but as of today I fully expect the team to start Russell Wilson, have Brady Quinn backing him up and place Jerrod Johnson on the practice squad.

Of course last season I had Matt Flynn starting, and Russell Wilson backing him up and we all know how that turned out.

We will see how this battle goes, but one thing is for sure, Russell Wilson is the starting quarterback for your Seattle Seahawks, and that is a great feeling!

Go Seahawks!


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  • Vearly C. Evans Sr.

    Bring in Vince Young

    • NWSportsBeat


  • Vearly C. Evans Sr.

    Vince Young would be a perfect fit for a team needing a quarterback…. He is Motivated, Hungry and Determined to prove he can still play at a “high level”…. Vince Young is salary-cap friendly “Low Risk – High Reward” type of guy… All he need is a Team/Coach that will give him a fair chance to “compete” and Vince will erase the negative preception that people have of him…..

    • Brett Bivens

      Sorry for the delayed response. You’re right, low risk with potential reward if he has matured enough to be given a shot. I don’t know enough about him to really comment on where his is mentally at this point.

      • Vearly C. Evans Sr.

        Vince Young’s Risk verses reward = At least a tryout, don’t you think?

    • Brett Bivens

      That is very possible. One thing that I am sure about is that the Seahawks front office looks for talent that will help the team in every nook and cranny. If they feel like Vince is worth giving a shot to I will be all for it. Either way I have no doubt that they have looked at him.

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