The 2012 Seahawks QB competition love ’em & hate ’em style…

Assessing the QB

As training camp continues for all 32 NFL teams, no other team has quite the three-headed beast of a competition at Quarterback like the Seattle Seahawks do.

Sure, some teams may be holding a competition between two players for the starting job, but three?

And with only about a month until the season starts?  You’ve got to be out of your mind, right?  Well, maybe, but Head coach Pete Carroll might just be doing the right thing for his team. 

Or, the wrong thing.  Who knows?

We’ll know deeper into the season if this tactic was a good one or not.  The names Tarvaris Jackson, Matt Flynn, and Russell Wilson are linked together in every article, and every blog post you read it seems.

At this point in camp, there are reasons to love and hate this 3-way race.

Love ‘Em

Competition makes them better

Coach Carroll has shown a real love of competition since he has been in Seattle.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned vet, newly signed free agent, or fresh-faced rookie, everyone has to compete for their spot.

This makes players better.  If you have a player breathing down your neck, you better make sure you hit all of your passes during you share of the reps.

Russell Wilson Seahawks

What if Russell Wilson wins? (Photo Credit – AP)

You better work extra hard in the weight room.  You better be on your game, every single practice.

So, whoever comes up on top, they will have truly earned the job, and will be primed and ready to go after this training camp/pre-season battle.

It creates good depth

By splitting the reps, all 3 Quarterbacks will be getting experience leading the team, and that creates good depth at the position.  If the starter goes down at some point in the season, you will have a backup go in that will have some familiarity with the Receivers and Tight Ends, and can step in with little to no drop off.

This isn’t the case if one Quarterback is inserted at the start of camp, as often times the back-ups, especially the third stringer, never sees the field or gets a chance to get on the same page with the receiving core.

It sends a good message to the team

Matt Flynn is getting paid a salary that looks to most like “nearly starter money”, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to start.  It shows a lot to the rest of the team that you have to earn the spot, and just because you’re a rookie, or someone is getting paid more than you, doesn’t mean they will get the job.

Everyone is equal, and everyone will be treated fairly, and that is always a good message to send to your team.

Hate ‘Em

The starter doesn’t get enough time starting

With the splitting of reps during training camp, and splitting of game time in the preseason, there is a genuine concern that the eventual starter will not have had enough time throwing to their players.

There has to be an automatic rapport, and confidence between the Quarterback and Receiver, and there may not be enough time for 3 players to gain that with only a month or so until the regular season.

Other teams with installed starters will have the number ones pitching and catching over, and over, and over, and that goes a long way to being on the same page when the real games start.

Matt Flynn

How will the 2 players who don’t get to start feel? (Photo NWSB Instagram)

The fallout

How will the 2 players who don’t get to start feel?

Could this cause a division in the locker room?  Could certain players be rooting for one of the QB’s over the other?  What if Russell Wilson wins?  Will the other two feel that a rookie shouldn’t be starting over them?

Will they feel insulted and embarrassed?

What if Tarvaris Jackson wins?

Will Matt Flynn feel deceived that he came to Seattle thinking he would be a starter, but that didn’t pan out?  What if Matt Flynn wins?  Will the other two feel that they never really had a fair shake, and that the competition was rigged?

All questions that could be asked.

People want to know

Hey, let’s be honest, it’s good to know who the starter at Quarterback is so fans and teammates can rally around them as their leader.

Not knowing makes things feel uneasy.  You hope the right decision is made, but is having more question marks at training camp a good thing?

Who knows…

We all wait, and hope.

Oh yeah, and then there’s Josh Portis.  I wonder if he loves or hates this competition?


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  • Two things: Tarvaris will not be the starter.
    Whoever the starter is will be better than Tarvaris was last year.

  • Justa Guy: I’m thinking a Tarvaris Jackson jersey is not on your wish-list for Xmas this year.

  • Flynn is winning thst QB race and Tjax is even close so far – Thank GOD Read Hawk blogger today for more !

    • NWSportsBeat

      I read Brian’s website daily. Great #Seahawks blog. I hate to say it, but he’s a bigger fan than I am. LOL — I tell all the bloggers who write for NWSB to check him out.

  • Im a packer fan. Seahawks will vastly improve with FLYNN. I will be watching.

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