Prioritizing The Seattle Seahawks 2012 NFL Draft Board

With a twist

While the playoffs are under way, the Seattle Seahawks are already preparing for next season. Everybody is speculating on who the Seahawks will draft, who they can pick up in free agency and who they can re-sign to keep on the roster.

There are so many different opinions of who and what the team needs that it is just one jumbled thought that you cannot make too much of.

Well, that’s why I’m here, Seahawks fans!

Here is my list of the top 5 positions that need to be prioritized in the draft.

And just to be nice I threw in some suggestions on who the Seahawks should acquire and my favorite for the position. (Some of these guys have not officially declared just yet, but I see it happening by the 15th.

And some play multiple positions so don’t be thrown by the videos.)

You want more?


I’ll even throw video highlights in for as many of the prospects as I can so you can make your own informed decision! (I apologize for music and video quality in a few of these, it was the best there is of JUST that player)

That’s why I’m here!

1. Quarterback

This is going to be, by far, the most anticipated and picked apart decision this offseason. Look…Tarvaris Jackson may not be a franchise QB, but the guy will help you win games.

It would not kill the Seahawks to have to stick with him for one more season if the top QB’s on their want list are not available.

With that being said, there are a few options the Seahawks could look into to upgrade the position. (Andrew Luck is already going to the Colts, so don’t even mention his name.)


With the number 3 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft....The Seahawks select Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor

1. Robert Griffin III– Baylor

2. Ryan Tannehill – Texas A&M

3. Russell Wilson – Wisconsin

4. Kellen Moore – Boise State

5. Nick Foles – Arizona

My favorite: Robert Griffin III. He possesses all the skills of a well-rounded quarterback. Strong arm, good field vision, ability to stretch plays with his feet.

There is no contest in my mind and no need to defend not choosing someone else. In case you missed it. I make a case FOR Matt Flynn.  And I make a case AGAINST Matt Flynn from earlier this week.

2. The twist

IF…the Seahawks for any reason can’t re-sign Marshawn Lynch by draft day, RB becomes instantly number two on this list, maybe even number one. The Seahawks built their offense around Marshawn Lynch and made the run the team’s offensive identity.

With no Lynch on the roster, there is no more offensive identity.

Here are my top RB choices in the draft to fulfill the possibility of Lynch not being on the team.

1. Trent Richardson – Alabama

2. Lamar Miller – Miami

3. David Wilson – Virginia Tech

4. Chris Polk – Washington

5. LaMichael James – Oregon (and if you read my stuff, you know that one hurt.)

My favorite: Tie. Trent Richardson / Chris Polk. I know I’m a UW homer and that’s where Polk went and I gushed about all season long.

Polk’s physical style compared with his added speed makes him everything the Seahawks look for in their ground game.

Trent Richardson is a monster with a pro offensive line but still manages to create his own lanes a lot of times.

Vontaze Burfict

Burfict is a maniac on and off the field

IF…Lynch does re-sign, get rid of RB off this entire list as he will suffice until we fill bigger needs.

Then replace RB with LB. LB being the #2 or #3 need on the list is going to be controversial but let me tell you why I value it so high: the Seahawks only have TWO Linebackers on contract at this point, pending free agency.

If that’s the case, they need to make moves and make them fast.

Here are my top options for the LB position.

1. Vontaze Burfict – Arizona State

2. Courtney Upshaw – Alabama

3. Ronnell Lewis – Oklahoma

4. Luke Kuechly – Boston College

My favorite: Vontaze Burfict. The guy is a headcase, but if Uncle Pete can tame this guy to at least listen to instruction, he will be lethal on the field. He is a hard hitting, smash mouth linebacker who imposes his will on receivers.

#3 Defensive End

This is going to be another controversial spot to fill as we have a beast in Chris Clemons on one side and a monster on the other side in Red Bryant. The problem is, the Seahawks finished dead last in the regular season in sacks.

This new guy would learn from Clemons as we need pass rushers and would fill in for Big Red on obvious pass downs or blitz situations.

Andre Branch

Andre Branch covers the whole field and stops you no matter what

Here are my favorite DE’s available in the draft.

1. Quinton Coples – North Carolina

2. Andre Branch – Clemson

3. Nick Perry – USC

4. Whitney Mercilus – Illinois

5. Devon Still – Penn State

My favorite: Andre Branch. It was Coples, but after watching video on Branch, I fell in love with the guy. He is just plain vicious and goes almost horizontal around the edges to get to the quarterback.

One note: Mercilus led the NCAA with 16 sacks this season.

#4 Wide Receiver

This one is tough for me, but after much debate, I see the point of adding a young, stud playmaker at wide receiver. Especially with Mike Williams probably on his way out, they will need to fill the gap for the #2 WR spot since Doug Baldwin is a slot receiver.

Nonetheless, here are my favorite WR’s in the draft pool.

Justin Blackmon

Justin Blackmon is a mini Megatron

1. Justin Blackmon – Oklahoma State

2. Alshon Jeffrey – South Carolina

3. Kendall Wright – Baylor

4. Michael Floyd – Notre Dame

5. Mohamed Sanu – Rutgers

My favorite: Justin Blackmon. The guy is basically Calvin Johnson (Megatron!) but younger. He manages to pull the ball down almost all the time and is blazing fast in the open field.

If Blackmon is not available, I would take Alshon Jeffrey next.

#5 Cornerback

Although we have studs in Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman, it would be nice to add depth to the position just in case what happened to our offensive line this season happens to our secondary.

Here are my favorite CB’s in the draft.

Dre Kirkpatrick

Dre Kirkpatrick is one of the hardest hitting CB's in all of college football

1. Dre Kirkpatrick – Alabama

2. Morris Claiborne – LSU

3. Jayron Hosley – Virginia Tech

4. Stephon Gilmore – South Carolina

My favorite: Dre Kirkpatrick. This is guy is a lights out, shut down corner who will make people suffer as well as come away with the ball if the option ever rears its head. This guy is GOOD.

There you have it, Seahawk nation.

The top 5 (or 6) positions that need to be addressed in the draft along with a little logic and lots of sound proof for my picks.

What do YOU think? Like or dislike, comment below and let me know!


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  • Derianjohnston

    How much tape have you watched from Burfict? no way he should even be considered as a first rounder, even without his brutal attitude, and many boneheaded penalties. I love big hitters, he can hit, but I dont like any other part of his game. Quinton Coples is brutal against the run, and doesnt match Seattle system. I like Branch, but really like Nick Perry

  • Burfict has the talent of a first rounder, there is zero doubt in my mind. I did say in the article that he is a headcase (stupid penalties and off-field insanity) but that is coachable stuff and could be looked past to see him kill it on the field.
    Coples is stellar against the run, but he can also rush the passer like a pro. His versatility is insane and he could excel at both situations.
    I love Branch and really like Perry, though, too. That is one of the hardest positions to prioritize, especially with it being a legit need for the Seahawks. 

  • Ryder78c

    please draft richardson with/with out a resign by marshawn lynch

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