Seattle Seahawks 2012 Mock Draft – Version 2.0

 The Seattle Seahawks select…

The Seattle Seahawks are off to quite a start in free agency. They went straight to work to address some of their team needs, acquiring some of their own free agents and adding another 3 in free agency. These moves reflected where they felt their biggest weaknesses lie and I believe they will continue to work on those needs further.

By inquiring about certain players and acquiring others, the Seahawks are looking like they mean business. While they can’t fill all their needs through Free Agency, they can address what’s left in the 2012 NFL Draft.

That’s where I come in. I am going to predict with pinpoint accuracy (sarcasm) the Seahawks choices in this year’s NFL Draft. Each of my choices are linked to a YouTube video of some of their highlights. I apologize for some of the music selections in advance.

Here is my Seattle Seahawks 2012 Mock Draft – Version 2.0

Round 1

Whitney Mercilus – DE/OLB – Illinois

Mercilus hasn’t cracked the top 15 in a lot of mock drafts, but let me tell you why he’s in mine. The Seahawks are looking for a pass rushing DE to pair with Chris Clemons on passing downs. They were inadequate a year ago in getting pressure on the quarterback and in sacks. Mercilus led the NCAA in sacks in 2011/12.

He is big, but fast and can blow past the end of the offensive line like nothing. He can obviously get his share of pressure and sacks on the QB, so why not let him continue for the Seahawks in the big league?

DE Whitney Mercilus

With the 12th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Whitney Mercilus

Alternate: Andre Branch – DE – Clemson

Andre Branch is an absolute monster. He is extremely fast for a DE and is just vicious when he gets to his target. Ask Virginia Tech last season how hard he hits. He destroyed half their offensive skill players.

Round 2

Zach Brown – OLB – North Carolina

Brown was a steady piece of the North Carolina defense. He is fast, has some size to him and can hit like a truck. He would compliment the Seahawks defense by completely fitting the profile of what Pete Carroll and John Schneider are looking for.

Receivers wouldn’t have to avoid one certain guy as the whole defense can keep up and knock the ball loose.

Alternate: Ronnell Lewis – DE/OLB – Oklahoma

Ronnell Lewis is listed as a DE/OLB but he played his best and majority of his time as a pass rushing LB for the Oklahoma defense. Being a hybrid player helps his chances in a big way, but also shows his many strengths.

Round 3

Chris Polk – RB – Washington

Despite my love for the Washington Huskies and this guy, Chris Polk really IS a perfect compliment to go with Marshawn Lynch. He his built like a tiny brick house on wheels. He delivers hits harder than half the defense is capable of. He has exceptional hands and can receive well out of the backfield.

And while he’s not the fastest out there, he IS fast and has quick bursts when necessary, especially when he sees a new hole open up and he cuts to it.

I nicknamed him early in the fall last year: Baby Beast Mode. How perfect would that be?

Alternate: LaMichael James – RB – Oregon

Like I always say, it absolutely pains me to choose a Duck. My hatred for them grows deep, but I’m not blind. LaMichael James can flat out fly. And his track speed mixed with Lynch’s power can be the ultimate 1-2 punch in the Seahawks backfield.

Round 4

Brandon Mosley – OT – Auburn

The Seahawks have re-signed their fill-in guys this year and brought in Frank Omiyale. One more player would give them the depth to field a whole starting-quality second line. This guy works harder than most and enjoys hitting people.

Offensive lineman videos are hard to come by, so interviews will have to do in their case.

Alternate: Senio Kelemete – OG – Washington

Kelemete’s a little rough around the edges, but his size, strength, and speed could work to his advantage in a line like Seattle’s.

QB Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson could be the QB gem in the draft the Seahawks are looking for

Round 6

Russell Wilson – QB – Wisconsin

Wilson is a freak of an athlete. He has a good enough arm to sling the ball downfield on the run, he has the strength to stand in the pocket and throw a bomb downfield, and he has the ability to outrun defenders. His quickness is a big part of his upside as he looks like a running back when he tucks the ball and takes off.

Russell Wilson Highlight Video”>Alternate: Ryan Lindley – QB – San Diego St.

Lindley has good accuracy, can lead his receivers and has a semi-strong arm. With some work, he could be a future starter. He doesn’t seem to be overly agile, but his legs have made some plays.

Round 7

Brandon Lindsey – OLB – Pitt

Brandon Lindsey is a beast. He lines up a lot as a standing DE and breaks through the offensive line and gets pressure on the quarterback more often than not. If he doesn’t get to the quarterback, he stays close. He’s got an awesome first name, too.

He also has no problem peeling off his pass rush to stop a running back.

Alternate: Nigel Bradham – OLB – Florida State

A vicious linebacker. When I saw the first highlight on his highlight video, I cringed, I let out a “Wooooo!” and I immediately said he’s Kam Chancellor. His style is similar to Chancellor’s and he can pick the ball off, too. This guy flies and hits and is a ballhawk.

Round 7

Nate Potter – OT – Boise St.

He’s not the best prospect in the draft on the offensive line, but the guy broke running back Doug Martin free a lot. He doesn’t get pushed around very often and is usually the aggressor. He will definitely do the job.

Alternate: Markus Zusevics – OT – Iowa

The patented Iowa lineman has entered the mix. He’s a big guy with some agility who definitely does his job. I know Iowa as Lineman U and have faith in their product.


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  • Gtran1

    I like your suggestion about drafting a QB.

    •  It doesn’t make sense to some people, but the Seahawks and their competitive nature will draft a QB, too to add more competition for starter and 2nd string. Who knows, with John Schneider and Pete Carroll’s late round success in the draft so far, they might end up picking a future star QB

  • Rich

    Your mock draft is pretty close. I really like the Chris Polk addition. I think he would be a perfect fit. I think Carpenter will be much better at Left Gaurd. I think they should draft the best Right Offensive Tackle available in the draft. This would cement the Offensive Line for several years. 

    •  Yeah I think Chris Polk would be a great addition and compliment to Marshawn Lynch. And Carpenter will do much better at guard if he can stay healthy. As for OT, I would jump on it if DeCastro is available. Reilly Reiff seems to be going pretty high, too, but not sure he’s as good as DeCastro. The line would definitely be solid

  • Razorts

    I’d like to see the Hawks get DeCastro with their pick… I think he’s a long term solution to a definite need. If DeCastro (& he may not be) isn’t available then Mercilus seems solid… especially if they could slide back a little & draft him. Brown seems solid & definetly fills a need second round. If either Polk or James is available to them (especially Polk) I think it’s a third rd steal. Kelemete seems like a bit of a reach here (4th rd); but in a later round I think he has some tools & toughness. If Brandon’s predictions come true though I’d be pretty happy with the Hawks draft overall. In general I’d like them to stay at 12 or slide back a little & not risk too much trading up for sure though.

    •  Yeah I would agree. If DeCastro is available at 12, Seahawks should absolutely grab him. But I don’t think he’ll make it past Carolina or Jacksonville. Kelemete I had in the 4th because with my hours of research, that seems to be the place a lot of analysts, experts and mock drafts have him going. That could easily change, though. If they can grab him later, would love it.

  • Gvtran

    I believe QB needs to show his leadership to the team besides his talent and he also needs to lead by examples.  That is why the QB is always in the spotlight.

    I also believe the Seahawks Front Office recognizes this and that could be one of the reasons they brought Matt Flynn onboard to bolster the leadership and competition.

    I have read most of your posts and you have very strong points and excellent analysis.

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