NFL Free Agency: Possible Seahawks tight ends love ‘em & hate ‘em

A look into the tight end free agency market

Last year the Seahawks were able to sign pro bowl tight end Zach Miller giving Seattle a true multidimensional tight end they had previously been lacking in John Carlson.

One would think the Seattle Seahawks have to be active today.

Here’s how I see TE shaping up for 2012.

Currently on the Roster:

Zach Miller (starter)

Zach Miller is a 26 year old coming off the worst year (receiving) of his career. This was in large part because he spent the majority of his time blocking. Miller has 2,945 yards on 251 receptions (11.7 yards per) in his 77 game career (38.2 yards/game and 3.3 receptions/game).

Anthony McCoy (receiving TE)

Anthony McCoy is a 24 year old pass catching tight end who struggles as a blocker. He struggled with drops during his first year in the offense. McCoy has 146 yards on 13 receptions (11.3 per) in 16 games (9.1 yards/game and .8 receptions/game).

Cameron Morrah (receiving TE)

Cameron Morrah is a less productive smaller Anthony McCoy.

John Nalbone (All around TE)

John Nalbone gives the Seahawks another tight end who has the ability to block. He would allow Miller to get more involved in the passing game while running two TE sets.

Seattle could look to upgrade the #2 TE spot this season.

Dallas Clark

How would he look in Seattle? 4,887 yards on 427 career receptions

Love ’em

John Carlson – 27 year old pass catching tight end. The Seahawks needed to upgrade the starting tight end position and get a guy who was less of a liability in the blocking aspect of the game.

Carlson has 1,519 yards on 137 receptions (11.1 per) in 47 games (32.3 yards/game and 2.9 receptions/game).

Originally I expected that would end the relationship between the Seahawks and John. Now I am not so sure, he doesn’t seem to be getting as much attention as I expected. At the right price he could be back in Seattle and would solidify the #2 TE position.

Kevin Boss – 28 year old tight end who will be released by the Raiders today. He has 1,968 yards on 147 receptions (13.4 per) in 72 games (27.3 yards/game and 2 receptions/game).

Kevin is from Corvallis, went to school at Western Oregon. Perhaps it is time for him to come home to the pacific northwest? I’m not willing to see the Seahawks spend anywhere near the 4 year $16 million dollar contract he received last season but I am a buyer at 3 years $7-8 million dollar range.

Hate ’em

Dallas Clark – 32 year old who will be 33 before the start of the season. He has 4,887 yards on 427 receptions (11.4 per) in 115 games (42.5 yards/game and 3.7 receptions/game).

Outstanding numbers but his best days are but a memory. He’s too old to be an option on this team even though he would be an upgrade as the #2.

There are a large number of free agent tight ends that I would consider but they are all in or entering their mid 30’s aka retirement age.


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  • Dallas Clarke is supremely talented, but too old to be joining a new team like the Seahawks. I like the fit for Kevin Boss in Seattle, he’s got one hell of a name too. 

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