NFL Free Agency: Possible Seahawks quarterbacks love ‘em & hate ‘em

A look into the quarterback free agency market

Free agency is my favorite time of the year, that does include the actual football season. The dynamics in play during the NFL process are as shady as Albert Haynesworth stomping on an opposing player’s head yet as beautiful as the birth of a baby. One would think the Seattle Seahawks have to be active tomorrow.

Here’s how I see QB shaping up for 2012.

Currently on the Roster:

Tarvaris Jackson (current starter) – 28years old with 6 years experience and a 59.4% completion percentage. He has thrown 38 touchdowns and 35 interceptions ( 1.09:1 TD:INT ration) while throwing for just over 7,000 yards in 51 games played

 Josh Portis (2nd string) – 24 years old with no regular season experience.

Love’ em:

Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn is 26 years old with 4 years experience and a 62.1% completion rate.

Matt has thrown 9 touchdowns and 5 interception (1.8:1 TD:INT ratio) while throwing for just over 1,000 yards in 34 games.

The 34 games is not very indicative of actual playing time. There have only been a few games where he went out and ran the offense.

I trust John Schneider knows this kid well enough to make the right call here. If we see the Seahawks make a serious push for him I believe it is possible this is the quarterback of the future for the Seahawks.

Kyle Orton

Kyle Orton is 29 years old with 7 years experience and a 60.8% completion rate. He has thrown for 80 touchdowns and 57 interceptions (1.4:1) while throwing for over 14,500 yards. He has played in 71 career games.

I’m not loving him as a future starter for the Seahawks but rather a guy who can push Tarvaris Jackson for the starting job if the Seahawks can’t/don’t sign Matt Flynn.

This would most likely be a post draft signing if the Seahawks were not able to draft a guy they felt comfortable backing up Tarvaris Jackson for a season.

Hate’ em:

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is 35 years old (36 before the season starts) with 14 years experience and a 64.9% completion rate. Peyton has thrown 399 touchdowns and 198 interception (2.02:1) while amassing almost 55,000 yards.

Kyle Orton

I'm not loving him as a future starter for the Seahawks

I wrote a piece on him last week with the reasons why I do not want him in Seattle.

Alex Smith

Alex Smith is 27 years old with 7 years experience and a 58% completion rate. He has thrown for 68 touchdowns and 58 interceptions (1.17:1) while passing for just over 12,500 yards.

Smith is a Seattle native but despite the fact that it would be great to stick it to the 49ers by signing their starting quarterback, we have all seen him have his epic melt downs.

I don’t see a guy here who has a potential to lead a team for the long term yet he’s going to command a salary that is too high to take a chance on.

Jason Campbell

Jason Campbell is 30 years old with 7 years experience and a 60.8% completion rate. He has thrown 74 touchdowns and 50 interceptions (1.48:1) while throwing for a little under 14,500 yards in 71 games.

Looking at the numbers he is very comparable to Kyle Orton but there is something I just don’t like about him. I used to be a fan of his but somewhere along the way that changed.

This is a gut feeling more than anything.

Donovan McNabb – 35 years old with 13 years experience and a 59% completion rate. He has thrown for 234 touchdowns and 117 interceptions (2:1) while amassing just over 37,000 yards.

I have always been a fan of McNabb but age has caught up with him and his career is pretty much over.

I would not be surprised if he retired before the start of the season.

Rex Grossman – 31 years old with 9 years experience and a 55.3% completion rate. He has thrown 56 touchdowns and 60 interceptions (0.9:1) while throwing for 10,000 yards in 54 games.

He is not a Pete Carroll type quarterback.

Pete wants a guy who won’t lose the game for you and Rex has proven he will lose multiple games for you.


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  • Wil

    Drew Stanton

  • Gvtran

    The most amazing things in footballs are:

    1) The rythm between the Center who snaps the ball to QB and the time (faster than a blink of an eye) for QB to pass the ball to receiver.
    2) The blazing speed of Pass Rusher to the opponent QB.

    I believe the Seahawks will make these things more excited in the upcoming season.

  • Grmpyii

    You must not have watched Kyle Orton Play. If you put him in the love him column, you need your head examined. I am a NW Native and had Seahawks Season tickets for years. I moved to the mid west and my wife is a Bears fan. Orton will also lose a game for you just a Rex will. Do NOT go after Orton it will be  One good highlight then followed by 10 BAD ones.

  • Jonny5wide

    I like Rex I think we should get him, he’s never had any good players around him.

  • Fohnp

    lets all hope for Flynn

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