NFL Free Agency: Possible Seahawks defensive backs love ‘em & hate ‘em

A look into the defensive back free agency market

Less than a year ago If you had told me Marcus Trufant was going to miss the entire 2011 NFL season I would have have been devastated. Fast forward to today, after the team added Brandon Browner, and Richard Sherman during the last off season and released Marcus a few days ago, now the Seahawks secondary is full of young pro bowl caliber players.

One would think the Seattle Seahawks have to be active still in Free Agency.

Here’s how I see Seahawks secondary shaping up for 2012.

Currently on the Roster:

FS Earl Thomas

Earl Thomas is a 22 year old pro bowl free safety needs no introduction. He’s young and extremely talented. He averages 5.4 tackles 0.2 interceptions and 0.4 pass deflections a game. He has also forced 2 fumbles and recovered 2 in his 32 game career.

SS Kam Chancellor

Kam Chancellor put together a player with a big enough frame to be a linebacker yet agile enough to play safety and you get the hard hitting strong safety with the nickname “Kam Bam”.

The 23 year old 2nd year pro bowler averaged 6.5 tackles, 0.3 interceptions and 0.9 pass deflections a game during his first full season as a starter.

CB Brandon Browner

Brandon Browner at 27 years of age he took an unusually route to the pro bowl in his first year. Like Kam he’s got a much larger frame then a player at his position normally has. Browner averaged 3.4 tackles, 0.4 interceptions and 1.4 pass deflections a game.

CB Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman the 23 year old stepped in for Walter Thurmond who stepped in for Marcus Trufant and flat out replaced Marcus as the teams starter. It didn’t take very many games after Thurmond went down before it became evident Richard was the teams new starter.

He only starter the last 9 games yet his 16 game season average numbers are: 3.4 tackles/game, 0.3 interceptions/game, 1.1 pass deflections/game.

CB Walter Thurmond

It’s hard not to feel bad for the 24 year old Walter Thurmond. In college he struggled through injuries and missed most of the 2009 season with torn ligaments in his knee.

Walter had 1st round talent but fell to Seattle in the 4th because of injury concerns. In 2011 he got a chance to become the starter and in his first game broke his leg and hurt his ankle which landed him on the injured reserve.

For his career he is averaging 2.5 tackles and 0.5 pass defenses per game.

CB Byron Maxwell

Byron Maxwell did not see much playing time and only recorded 1 tackle in his rookie season.

SS Jeron Johnson

Jeron Johnson was added last season as an undrafted free agent out of Boise St. Extremely talent but extremely small. He recorded 6 tackles last season in limited playing time.

Kam Chancellor Seahawks Safety

Young and extremely talented. Describe the Seahawks secondary to a tee.

The Seahawks enter the league year without a backup free safety, 4 corner backs (1 who is injury prone and 1 who has no experience) and a couple strong safeties. At some point the Seahawks need to add depth to the CB and FS positions.

There was no chance the Seahawks were going to be injolved in any of the top teir secondary talent.

Love’ em

CB Richard Marshall – This 27 year old is going to look for a starting gig somewhere. Seattle has 2 starters at the position but it would be fun to steal him away from Arizona just to spite them.

He has averaged 5.2 tackles, 0.2 interceptions and 0.6 pass deflections a game in his career.

CB Tracy Porter – Tracy will turn 26 before the start of the season. Call me crazy but I could see potential in him as the Seahawks as a nickle back.

Then again, much like Richard Marshall he will be looking for a starting job. We can assume he wont be looking to sign with any other team in the division, he’s seen enough of Marshawn Lynch‘s “baby stiff-arm”.

Tracy has has averaged 4.5 tackles, 0.2 interceptions and 0.8 pass deflections per game.

CB Jason Allen – Here is a guy that really intrigues me. He could give the Seahawks a veteran presence in the secondary from the nickle back position.

Despite being drafted in the first round of the 2006 draft he has never developed into a solid starter. For his career he has averaged 2.6 tackles, 0.2 interceptions and 0.4 pass deflections a game.

Hate’ em

CB Brandon Carr – Brandon is a very talented young corner. Carr has averaged 3.7 tackles, 0.1 interceptions and 1 pass deflection a game. As talented as he is the Seahawks would have to look at him to replace Richard Sherman and that my friends is not happening. (While writing this Carr has signed in Dallas, so scratch him off this list)

CB William Middleton – He turns 26 this year and has enough talent to play at this level. Injuries are a concern with him and would have to say he has less potential than Walter Thurmond.

CB Ronald Bartell – Old with injury concerns, enough said. Now later in free agency I could change my opinion on him as other players are no longer an option.

FS Mike Adams – He is 31, the Browns starter and I think he could re-sign there and start again. Can’t see Seattle making this move. Mike has averaged 3.5 tackles, 0.1 interceptions and 0.3 pass deflections per game.

I don’t think the Seahawks will address the back-up FS role until the draft. They very well might be able to add a player in the draft or there will be players left in free agency. The same goes with CB unless they look to replace Thurmond in the nickle.

Worst case scenario the Seahawks bring back Roy Lewis which strengthens the special teams but is a liability in coverage if he is needed.


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