With the 12th pick in the 2012 NFL draft the Seahawks select…

Water Cooler Draft Chat Friday AM

The 2012 NFL draft  seems to be chalk full of intrigue. Maybe not as much as any other year, but for the Seattle Seahawks in general, this may be the first time where there isn’t any certainty when it comes to drafting a particular position.

In draft years past we have headed into the first round knowing there were certain positions that needed to be addressed. As such, we drafted accordingly to the positional need.

This year though, doesn’t have that feel. Outside of the linebacker position, there isn’t a positional need.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have holes we need to fill, because we do.  It simply means that for the first time in what seems like a decade, we have a good balance of depth on the roster.

That’s where the intrigue comes into play because we are drafting from a position of strength.

Position of Strength

We can afford to take the best player available on the board, trade up in the draft,  or trade down into 2nd and 3rd rounds (or into next year’s draft all together) to stockpile picks to better round out the roster.

John Schneider

PCJS's team are on the verge of Super Bowl

This is exactly what Pete Carroll/John Schneider specifically envisioned for their draft days when they took over three years ago, the ability to draft from a position of strength and flexibility.

The chances are pretty high this year’s draft has already been the focal point of water cooler talk since free agency began, and why wouldn’t it be?

The team is on the verge of Super Bowl contention and the right pick(s) could vault us over the top.

There are a multitude of different directions the Seahawks can go with the pick.

So to add to the intrigue, I will give you five intriguing things to talk about heading into the draft as well as the Friday morning after the first round has been completed.

 Seattle Seahawks NFL Draft 2012

Round 1: Thur., April 26, 8 ET
Rounds 2-3: Fri., April 27, 7 ET
Rounds 4-7: Sat., April 28, 12 ET
Radio City Music Hall, New York City

1. David DeCastro –  Pos: OG, Ht/Wt: 6’5, 310 lbs – Stanford

I have a very hard time using the word “safe” in reference to draft picks, but if there ever was a safe pick, DeCastro is it. RG is the position DeCastro excelled at while playing at Stanford, but his skill set can easily transition to the left side of the line. Enough so that some “experts” have deemed him a “plug and play” player with the upside being as high as the Pro-Bowl.

It’s no secret that Pete Carroll/John Schneider want nothing more than for Matt Flynn to excel, and the best way for that to happen is to put the best possible line in front of him. With DeCastro in the fold, there is a very good chance this group will be together under contract for at least four years.

That is exactly what you need for a RB or QB to succeed.

2. Luke Kuechly – Pos: LB, Ht/Wt: 6’3, 237 lbs – Boston College

Kuechly poses the most intrigue of all the best possible players available for Seattle to choose from at #12. It’s not because of the position he plays, although being a playmaker of that skill set at the only position of need, it’s very hard for anyone not to notice.

No, the intrigue is because of  the athletic ability Kuechly put on display at the NFL combine.

With numbers of 4.5 in the 40 yard dash, 38′ verticle, 27 res at 225 lbs in the bench press, a 4.12 shuttle time, numbers that jump off the charts, you can understand why the Seahawks probably have Kuechly rated as option 1b on their big board.

3. Michael Floyd – Pos: WR, Ht/Wt: 6’3. 224 lbs – Notre Dame

This is the intrigue pick that every Seahawks fan should be paying attention to.

The Seahawks have tried unsuccessfully to find that one explosive playmaker for the WR position. Sidney Rice didn’t exactly work out they way Pete Carroll/John Schneider had hoped,  then again neither did Mike Williams or Zach Miller.

With Floyd, the Seahawks would have that rare combination of size (6’3. 224 lbs), speed (4.4-40), and precision route running with great hands.

Michael Floyd

Golden Tate gets another Golden Domer. Michael Floyd the next GREAT Seahawks WR at #12 on Thursday.

Add that up and you’re looking at a player with tremendous potential to finally give this offense the #1 receiver it has been lacking for a very long time.

4. Trading up or down

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense at this point for the Seahawks to move up in this year’s draft unless they are 100% sold on a guy being a franchise-changing player, and are willing to sacrifice picks in order to achieve it.

Since I do not see anyone that is not named Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III fitting that bill, I have a hard time seeing the Seahawks doing this.

If the Seahawks feel like there isn’t enough value with taking any of the aforementioned players at #12, they could trade down.

Which make sense in many ways.

Multiple picks means more holes can be plugged and with John Schneider’s ability to uncover plug and play athletes in the later stages of the draft, this is always the one option that is a reality.

5. With the 12th pick in the draft, the Seattle Seahawks select….

Michael Floyd, WR out of Notre Dame.

With all of the talking that Pete Carroll has done about finding an explosive playmaker on the defensive side of the ball, my gut feeling is that the guys he wants, Quinton Coples, and Luke Kuechly, will be off the board by the time Seahawks draft at #12.

That leaves Courtney Upshaw and Melvin Ingram as the only DE options left that would make sense for the Seahawks to take. I don’t think the Seahawks would pass on Ingram at #12, which would leave Upshaw and Floyd alone.

At the end of the day, Michael Floyd’s skill set and his upside to be a very good #1 receiver and potential star in this league give the Seahawks the most value with the #12 pick.

If they decide to go another way it will be to trade down, or into next years draft altogether.

Again, the Seahawks are drafting from a position of power mainly because whichever way they ultimately decide to go, they will win big.

With everything that has gone on during this off-season (from Marshawn Lynch to Matt Flynn) this draft will put the finishing touches on an off-season that I believe will lead to a monster season for the Seahawks.

One that will catch many off guard.

For this week though, enjoy the draft process. It will be sure to keep the water cooler banter going for a little longer than expected.


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