Moments in time…Grading the Seattle Seahawks 2009 draft class

What Did Tim Get Wrong in 2009

As I was asked to revisit the 2009 Seattle Seahawks ’09 draft this morning, there was only one name that came to mind. Aaron Curry. We all know you can’t evaluate a draft until at least three years but after one year with Curry I must admit most of Seahawks nation were wondering aloud…”bust?”

I admit, I was on the bandwagon with him as well, but it didn’t take long to realize what this pick really was, just like many of the 2009 draft picks were.

The lone bright spots to me were picks 91, and 248, Deon Butler and Cameron Morrah, respectfully.

Though Butler has never been the big time play maker that the Hawks wanted, he is still a bright spot of this draft.

Kudo’s Tim Ruskell. Where are you now? Jeeez.

Aaron Curry

Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forrest, overall pick #4. Besides the fact that he was the modern day version of Brian Bosworth for the Seahawks, the money that he signed for showed us just how far off our management was.

Curry signed for $60 million dollars for six years, his guarenteed money was the most for any non QB rookie ever at the time. We should have known at that moment that he was going to be a bust.

Curry played, rather badly, for a little over two years in Seattle, before we were able to find a dumb enough suitor for him. Thank God for the Oakland Raiders!

Overall grade: D

Max Unger

Max Unger, OT, Oregon, overall pick #49. Max Unger was another bright spot in the 2009 NFL draft for the Seahawks. Starting immediately, he came in knowing what his job was going to be, and did it.

It’s hard to take a rookies numbers for a different coach with a different game plan and rate them with his stats under a different coach for years two and three, but since his rookie season, Unger has only played in 16 games.

If his grade is to ultimately rise, he needs to get back to playing in every game for the Seahawks.

Overall grade: C+

Deon Butler

Deon Butler, WR, Penn State, overall pick #91. I would say he was a steal at pick number 91, but the Seahawks gave up a lot to get him. Still a good player at that spot in the draft, but his numbers are going to have to perk up before he can be called a steal.

Overall grade: C

Mike Teel

Mike Teal, QB, Rutgers, overall pick #178. Who in the hell is Mike Teel? Exactly. Teel spent three years in the league, never once seeing any action with any of the three teams he was with over his career.

He currently is the QB coach at Wagner College.

I mark this pick a bust as well.

Overall grade: F

Courtney Greene

Courtney Greene, SS, Rutgers, overall pick #245.

Aaron Curry 2009 NFL Draft

Curry "played", rather badly, for a little over two years

Another member of the Rutgers team that did so well with the Seahawks. Greene never played a game with the Hawks, having been used as a practice team member only. Another bust for our beloved Hawks.

Overall grade: F

Nick Reed

Nick Reed, DE, Oregon, Overall pick #247. Reed played one season with the Seahawks, with his biggest moment being a returned fumble for a TD. He is now a free agent, and looking for a job in the NFL.

This pick would be a lot worse if the Seahawks secondary wasn’t as good as it is now.

Overall grade: C

Cameron Morrah

Cameron Morrah, TE, California, Overall pick #248. The Seahawks must’ve been in the mood for some Vanessa Williams on this particular draft day, because they definitely did “save the best for last.”

Cameron Morrah got a lot of playing time this past season with the injuries to both TE’s ahead of him on the depth chart. I look for him to continue his game play this next season, and get a lot more playing time with the departure of TE John Carlson.

Overall grade: B (With upside)

So there it is, my grades for the 2009 draft class, a pretty dismal one for our Hawks.

Only three players remain, and I expect Unger, and Butler to continue on par for their careers to this point, but as noted in the last paragraph, Morrah, I believe will have a breakout season.

Overall draft grade: D+


Round 1, Pick 4 (4)

Aaron Curry




Wake Forest

Round 2, Pick 17 (49) (From Bears)

Max Unger





Round 3, Pick 27 (91) (Giants via Eagles)

Deon Butler




Penn State

Round 6, Pick 5 (178)

Mike Teel





Round 7, Pick 36 (245) (Comp. selection)

Courtney Greene





Round 7, Pick 38 (247) (Comp. selection)

Nick Reed





Round 7, Pick 39 (248) (Comp. selection)

Cameron Morrah






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