12th Man Pride! Seahawks fans set sights on Guinness record

Loudest Ever

CenturyLink Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks, is loud; everybody knows that. It has earned the reputation for being one of the loudest, if not the loudest, stadium in sports. But despite all of the accolades surrounding how ferocious this stadium can be, some fans are apparently yearning for more.

As was reported by Profootballtalk of NBC Sports, “A Seahawks fan organization known as Volume 12 has applied with Guinness to have the noise level monitored at the home opener.”

To break the record, Seattle’s famed 12th man and crowd will have to exceed a decibel level of 131.76, a level that was set by the fans of a Turkish soccer team in 2011.

And on September 15th, in Seattle’s home opener against division rival San Francisco, the crowd will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for loudest stadium on Earth, a feat that will further cement CenturyLink as the best venue to catch an NFL game in the nation.

Things in Seattle just keep getting better and better.

Let’s break this world record down.

Could Seattle Do It?

12th Man

Can the ravenous 12th man set a new world record?

So far, Seattle’s crowd has reportedly been measured at 112 decibels, or just about as loud as a Boeing 747. Still, that is nearly 20 decibels “quieter” than the current record, and it will take quite a few more raucous voices to elevate CenturyLink to over 132 dB. So from that standpoint, this will be a tough task for Seahawks fans to accomplish.

With that said, I don’t believe the decibels were being monitored when Marshawn Lynch broke off his infamous beastquake run that literally shook the ground. For those of you who need a refresher, in 2011 against the New Orleans Saints in the playoffs, Lynch broke through the line, shed numerous tackles, and rattled off a 67-yard touchdown that effectively sealed the win for a Seattle team who nobody expected to win.

While he stormed his way down the field, Lynch was accompanied by a roar from the crowd that literally shook the ground, so much so that a seismic monitoring station registered activity during his run.

If you don’t remember the play yet, check out a video of his run.

From this basis, Seattle fans should very well be able to reach at least 130 dB, if not higher.

Factor in the fact that the 49ers will come in expecting to enact revenge after their embarassing debacle that is still giving Vernon Davis nightmares, and you have the atmosphere clearly set as one that is ready to break a record.

What it would mean

Not trying to look too much into something that won’t be happening for another two months, this would be a huge step in cementing CenturyLink as a premiere destination for football. Countless announcers have dubbed it as one of the best stadiums to catch a game, but it still needs to be cemented in national lore with the likes of Lambeau.

I know that is a huge task considering the history of the Green Bay Packers at their home stadium, but the Seahawks have put up a record at home that should not be ignored.

As intimidating at C-Link has been throughout its history, there are still those who doubt its merit as a legitimate and prime destination for football.

However, should this record be established against the 49ers on September 15th, you can be sure that everybody will be looking in fear and awe of the 12th man and its ferocious home. Heck, it could even lead to some talking about Seattle as a potential Super Bowl site, especially with the recent move to have stadiums further North be allowed to host the coveted contest.

But that’s a story for another day.


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