Seahawks NFC wild card Sunday takeaways for Washington

Is it Sunday yet?

Such is the perennial question asked every day dozens of times by those hearts-in-their-throats NFL fans with a wildcard playoff game coming up.

Another sixteen games are in the books. Now is when football really starts.

The Seattle Seahawks’ hot streak hit a speed bump as the St. Louis Rams came to town and almost snuck away with a victory.

Let’s look at some takeaways for the matchup with the Redskins next week.


Our defense continues to be a team strength and has held up against the Patriots and Packers, among others. The Seahawks shouldn’t bank on the defense to bail them out, like Richard Sherman‘s late interception did Sunday, but any offense will have difficulty going up against this group.

The hawks also held Steven Jackson to just 52 rushing yards and no touchdowns. Frank Gore had a similarly pedestrian game last week. Seattle is equally capable of stopping the pass or the run.

The Shermanator

Speaking of Richard Shermanthe second-year Stanford product made a game-clinching pick in the fourth quarter, and the fact that he isn’t a starting Pro Bowler is the biggest joke since, well….the Pro Bowl.

The Seahawks are lucky Sherman is back in action. A lost appeal would have been devastating.

Seattle Fans Are Obnoxious

Russell Wilson needs more protection heading into the postseason. (Photo: Joe Nicholson/USA TODAY Sports)

Wilson needs more protection heading into the postseason. (Photo: Joe Nicholson/USA TODAY)

For those of you who haven’t seen the Seattle Times article, the Clink was out of control during the San Francisco game, and not in a good way.

Seattle isn’t Oakland. Let’s keep it that way.

By all means, be drunk and exuberant , but let’s not be excessively disrespectful towards other teams’ fans.

The O-Line Sucked

Russell Wilson was sacked six times for a total loss of 41 yards. Russell Wilson can take a hit, but Seattle struggled offensively Sunday partly because he couldn’t get off a pass without being hammered.

The Seahawks held off the vaunted Niners pass rush, but San Francisco was missing starting defensive tackle Justin Smith. This is an area of concern for the team.

Pro Bowl starters Russell Okung and Max Unger will need to lead the line. Wilson is a playmaker even without amazing protection, but opposing defenses can’t be allowed to wreak havoc in the backfield.

Golden Tate

Golden Tate‘s remarkable stat line—three receptions for 105 yards—demonstrates his big-play ability and undeniable status as a deep threat.

Wilson will look for him deep against Washington.


Seahawks fans have been a little cocky lately, but we can’t expect opposing defenses to roll over and let us drop 50 every week. Those days are over.

Sure, we’re on fire; but the playoffs are a different type of football. Teams are too good and too focused for any blowouts.

Seattle will need to take every opponent seriously, starting with rookie wunderkind Robert Griffin III, the most popular man in Washington D.C.

The Redskins are a dangerous team on the rise, especially with RG3 at the controls. He’s an electric playmaker who is Wilson’s main competition for Rookie of The Year. Both teams have rookie quarterbacks, dangerous running backs and a lot to prove.

An instant classic may be looming.


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