Scary Seattle Seahawks: Jersey numbers to haunt you this Halloween

Scary Seattle Seahawks

With Halloween approaching, I thought I’d write a fun little article about the scariest jersey numbers that may haunt you.  These jersey numbers have symbolic, and sometimes haunting meanings for Seahawks fans or for teams and fans of Seahawks opponents.


Here are the scariest jersey numbers you could wear for Halloween.

10.  #9

The number 9 represents the number of Notre Dame players the Seahawks have selected in the NFL draft.  I consider all but 1 (John Carlson, ’08) of those to be busts.

The rest of the list: Golden Tate (’10), Rick Mirer (’93), Ned Bolcar (’90), Andy Heck (’89), Bob Clasby (’83), Jim Stone (’81), Al Hunter (’77), and Steve Niehaus (’76).

9.  #7

The number 7 represents how many division titles the Seahawks have won since their inception to the league.  They won 2 while in the AFC West and 5 including 4 straight from 2004-2007 while in the NFC West.  The NFC West should be scared of the Seahawks.

Mack Strong

An instant Seahawk legend

8.  #38

The number 38 represents Mack Strong.  Anybody standing in his way should be scared, be it defender or pass rusher.

Mack Strong destroyed players who stood in his way, making him an instant Seahawk legend.

7.  #11

The number 11 has a couple meanings that should scare Seahawks opponents.  For starters, 11 is the NFL record for false starts by a team.  This record was achieved in Seattle at Qwest Field (now CenturyLink Field) against the New York Giants.  The number eleven also represents the number of times the Seahawks have been in the playoffs in their time in the league.

6.  #12

As we all know, the number 12 represents the 12th man in Seattle.  This should scare the crap out of teams coming to Seattle as the 12th man is one of the most formidable forces in all of pro football.

We are the loudest, craziest fans out there and will stop at nothing to give our Seahawks the best advantage possible.

5.  #96

The number 96 represents the beast known as Cortez Kennedy.  Kennedy, also know as Tez Rex, wreaked havoc on opponents and made himself one of the most dominant, nastiest players in Seahawks history.  He’s one of my personal favorites in team history.

Cortez Kennedy

Number 96 represents the beast known as Cortez Kennedy

4.  #37

The number 37 represents Shaun Alexander.  This is both a good and terrible memory for Seahawks fans depending on how you look at it.  Alexander is one of the most dominant running backs in Seahawks history and set NFL records aplenty in the Seahawks Super Bowl season.

He won the rushing title, set the NFL record for rushing touchdowns and won MVP that season.  The next year though, the Seahawks paid him.  After that, he haunted Seahawks fans by falling to the ground anytime a defender came near him.  In fact, I’m sure the money in his pockets made the rattling like chains in ghost films.

3.  #88

The number 88 represents ex-Seahawks owner Ken Behring who bought the team in 1988.  If you ask any fan of the Seahawks from back then, he is one of the worst things that has ever happened to the franchise.  He single handedly ran the team into the ground and then almost moved them to Los Angeles.

Had Paul Allen not purchased the team, Seattle would have been robbed of it’s eventual third professional franchise in history. (The Milwaukee Brewers are what used to be the Seattle Pilots, who won the first World Series in history.)

Bill Leavy haunted the city of Seattle during Superl Bowl 40

2. #44/#55

Both the numbers 44 and 55 represent the same thing: the biggest flop in Seahawks history and one of the biggest in NFL history.  This bust is named Brian Bosworth.  Why the 2 different numbers?

Bosworth wore number 44 in college and upon entering the NFL and was forced to wear number 55 because linebackers wore numbers 50-69.  Bosworth sued the NFL and eventually won the right to wear number 44.

1.  #40

This is one of the most heartbreaking numbers for Seahawks fans in history.  The number 40 represents Super Bowl XL (40) in which the Seahawks were blatantly robbed by poor officiating and lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-10.

Although the Seahawks dominated the stat totals, a number of terrible calls worked against the Seahawks, leaving them with many huge disadvantages in the game that eventually worked against them.

Honorable mention is number 127, which is the jersey number of the head official of that Super Bowl, Bill Leavy.

After the game, Leavy apologized for his poor officiating and acknowledged several bad calls that basically handed the Steelers the game.

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