49ers vs Seahawks – Some things to love and hate from Sunday

Repeat performance

The Seattle Seahawks had their Super Bowl moment of the regular season, welcoming the San Francisco 49ers to Century Link field in what was a battle of the top 2 teams in the NFL. That’s not to say there won’t be another, say in February, but the biggest game of the season is now out of the way for the Seahawks.

Like last December, the Seahawks drubbed the Niners, putting a 29-3 beat down on the division foe while the fans were breaking records from the stands. Is this what winning feels like, Seahawk fans? It’s nice, isn’t it?

There was PLENTY to love and not a whole lot to hate from last night, so let’s get into it.

Love ’em

Marshawn Lynch

How could you not love the night Marshawn Lynch had? Beast Mode accounted for all 3 of the Seahawks touchdowns in the game, 2 coming on the ground and one hilarious touchdown through the air. After earning his 98 yards rushing the hard way and 37 yards receiving, Lynch earned himself a whole lot of Skittles.

What impressed me more was his help in the backfield taking on defenders. As weak as the line was, Lynch helped protect Russell Wilson and gave him time to work because the offensive line couldn’t do it themselves.

Lynch helped protect Russell Wilson last night.

Lynch helped protect Russell Wilson last night.

Legion of Boom

The entire Legion of Boom came out to play last night, making assorted big plays the entire game. Richard Sherman displayed his patented lock down coverage on San Francisco’s #1 receiver, Anquan Boldin, as well as picking off the pass on the sidelines.

Walter Thurmond deflected the Niner red zone pass and Earl Thomas snagged it and took off with it. Then you had Kam Chancellor who had an interception and was either hitting people hard or lining up to hit them real hard.

How could anyone not like the Legion of Boom?

New Toys

Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett had 2 of the team’s sacks in the game, with Avril’s being a strip fumble sack which allowed Seattle to further embarrass the Niners. Can you imagine these 2 with Chris Clemons, Red Bryant, AND Bruce Irvin?

As a full unit? Yikes…

12th Man

Way to go 12th Man for breaking the Guinness World Record for loudest stadium/crowd roar. You just solidified what people have been saying for years. Hey, at least the Giants can say there was a reason all those years ago for 10 false starts, right?

Oh yeah, you also set a new attendance record. 12th man stand up! 

Sherm always backs up the bravado!

Sherm always backs up the bravado!

Hate ’em


If there’s one thing about a Seahawks team that seems tried and true to happen every week is penalties. Lots and lots of penalties. Like I mentioned last week, they get a lot of them in the first half of each season. This week there were 10 for 84 yards.

Breno Giacomini continued his apparently proud streak of penalties, earning 2. Max Unger racked up 2, which is surprising because the guy is flawless.

And how the hell are you going to penalize Sidney Rice for spinning the ball? He does is every big play he makes and it was not an issue last week.

Offensive Line

The biggest issue left on the team is one we’ve had for a few seasons now. The offensive line may not be abysmal by any standard, but it has not performed well.

Russell Wilson does his best work, like any other quarterback, when he has time in the pocket (or backfield) to make decisions then make plays.

When the left side, who is normally sound, is disrupted by an injury like Russell Okung‘s and the right side collapses like a folding a chair and racks up penalties, Pete Carroll and John Schneider need to find a way to shore it up.

It took the offensive line about a half season last year to click and strengthen to help Wilson.

Let’s hope it happens quicker this season.


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