ICYMI Saints vs. Seahawks – Crowd breaks record in win

The Aftershock

When two plates collide they often produce earthquakes of varying degrees at different intervals. Often times these large earthquakes have consequences after their arrival, namely aftershocks. Apparently Marshawn Lynch‘s Beast Quake was no exception to that rule.

For, on Monday night in front of the loudest crowd ever recorded, the first aftershock of Lynch’s earthquake occurred.

Up 3-0 and having dominated the Saints’ offense on their first possession, Cliff Avril sped around the edge and knocked the ball from Drew Brees’ hand, with the football just happening to land in the hands of Michael Bennett

Running around the outside of the crowded line, Bennett took the ball all the way to the house for a rousing, earth-shattering score that sent CenturyLink Stadium into an absolute frenzy.

In fact, the noise and rumble generated by the fans caused an earthquake reading of 1-2 to occur at a nearby monitoring center.

Wow. Just wow. 

With so much talk about the Beast Quake heading into this game, who would have expected another earthquake to register last night? That’s absolutely stunning!

In a game that featured sheer domination by Seattle, there were plenty of things to love, and only a few things to hate. Here’s a list of the tops in both categories.

Love ‘Em


The birth of the Bennett Quake. (Alexa Vaughn/Seattle Times)

The birth of the Bennett Quake. (Alexa Vaughn/Seattle Times)

No matter if the Seahawks lose their remaining games this year it is comforting to know that they have already locked up a playoff spot. While that will by no means happen, being in the playoffs is the first step towards absolute glory.

Keep it going, Seattle!

Downed No. 2

Heading into Monday’s matchup the Seahawks and Saints were No. 1 and No. 2 in the NFC, respectively. And while many believed CenturyLink would give Seattle an edge, nobody could have predicted the slaughter that would occur.

The Seahawks dominated all facets of the game, and were even missing Percy Harvin!

The rest of the NFL should have already been scared of Seattle’s offense, but now they have an even better reason to be absolutely terrified.

Shot at No. 1

After downing the Saints in dominant fashion on Monday night it appears as though the Seahawks will have the best shot to claim the No. 1 seed in the NFC Playoff race, thus likely giving them home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Seattle is two games ahead of both New Orleans and Carolina, and since they downed both of those teams this year it looks as though the Seahawks should lock up that No. 1 seed in the coming weeks.

Hate ‘Em

Was there anything to actually hate about this game? I’m not exactly sure, so let’s look at statistics.

Seattle came out on top in first downs (23), 3rd down efficiency (7-of-14), 4th down efficiency (1-of-2), total yards (429), yards per play (6.2), passing yard (302), and rushing yards (127).

In fact, one of the only areas the Seahawks faltered in was in penalties, of which they committed 8 for 66 yards.

So if anything the Seahawks failed in the penalty department but who really can slap them on the wrist for that in such a dominating performance?

Looking ahead it may sound crazy but the Hawks have a shot to lock up the NFC West with a win in San Francisco on Sunday. It’ll be a tough game but if they manage to contain Kaepernick they have a great shot at securing the title as well as a No. 1 seed in the playoffs.

Go Hawks!


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