Reasons why Russell Wilson will not be the next great Seahawks quarterback

Another busted draft pick?

A week ago, I gave you five reasons why I thought new Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson would be the next great Seahawks quarterback.

Well, I’m back again, this time giving you five reasons why Russell Wilson will NOT be the next great quarterback for the Seahawks.

He will beat out Tarvaris Jackson for the backup role, prompting the Hawks to release Jackson, but there is no way that he will win the starting role over Matt Flynn.

Flynn has been mentored by the best arm in football the past few years, while Wilson is coming off of one year of starting for Wisconsin, after being released from his scholarship at NC State.

Yeah Pete Carroll sees a lot of talent in him, but coach Carroll also saw a lot of talent in Charlie Whitehurst, so that’s not really saying too much is it.

#5: Lack of experience

This can really be said with three out of the four QB’s in camp this year, with Tarvaris Jackson being the only one with a starting tenure in the NFL.

But honestly, there is no way after coming off of the second half that the Seahawks had last year, that they are going to throw a rookie quarterback who is still more than a little green around the gills, to the wolves as a first week starter.

Russell Wilson Seahawks

Russell Wilson will make a mighty fine NFL backup quarterback (Photo Credit - AP)

Possibly Wilson will get some injury starts, if Flynn goes down, but I just can’t see him getting multiple starts until the end of Matt Flynn‘s contract. If he is still here that is.

#4: Height

Russell Wilson is built like a tail back. Not a NFL quarterback. Maybe if the Seahawks constantly run play-action bootlegs he could work, but he’s just not tall enough to see over the huge lineman in the NFL game.

His size works in college since it is a option game, but this really doesn’t work in the pro game.

#3: Can his arm carry an NFL load?

Sure he lit up the Big Ten with over 3,000 yards last year, but he couldn’t hang with the Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl. If he can’t over power a defense like that, how will he fare in the NFL?

This is where his size comes in to play once again, if the Seahawks want to use a mobile quarterback who has the option to run, toss, or throw, then sure, he may work.

But that is not the Seahawks game. It’s not Pete Carroll’s game. Unless he is one of those freak players who grows three inches when he turns 24, I just don’t see this working out for him.

Matt Flynn will be the next great Seahawks quarterback (photo

#2: Too much athleticism

The problem with the college game anymore is, they don’t prep these guys to be NFL quarterbacks. They want these guys who are built like linebackers who run first, throw second.

This is almost the same mindset of T-Jack. And this is why he will be shown the door before the start of the season. A pocket passer is what we need, not a wanna be Cam Newton.

#1: Because Matt Flynn is the next great Seahawks QB

Ever heard the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” Well the Seahawks tried to fix it, and failed. Now they are back to their roots of getting an all pro caliber quarterback who learned from a future Hall of Famer in Green Bay.

Maybe since Wilson played college ball at Wisconsin, they thought this was close enough, but it is not.

Name another great QB for the Seahawks who we got in their prime who did not come to the team from the Packers. You can’t, because one never existed until Matt Hasselbeck.

Now we have Hasselbeck version 2.0 in Matt Flynn.

Ever hear this saying “In like Flynn?” Pete Carroll has, and this is why we now have him on our team!


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  • Dead wrong. RG3 will be backing up Russell wilson in the probowl. You need to watch some more tape, this kid is a prodigy.

  • bathtubjen

    Wow. Do at least a LITTLE research.

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