Quarterback play the silver lining in disappointing Seahawks loss

Wilson Continues to Impress

Last Sunday the Seattle Seahawks lost their fifth road game to move their road record to 1-5 on the season. In five road losses this season the Seahawks have not lost by more than 7 points and have lost those games by an average of 4.8 points. It looks like the East coast curse is still present.

 It can be hard to find the positives in losing heart breakers on a regular basis but it is important to keep in mind the continued progression of Russell Wilson this season and his performance on Sunday may have been his best game yet.

On Sunday Wilson had an incredibly productive game completing 21 of 27 of his passes for 224 yards and two touchdowns. However even more impressive then the passing yards and efficiency was the fact the he did not turn the ball over was probably the most impressive statistic.

Last week Wilson played well against the Jets but had some ball security problems which lead to the Jets only score.  Against the Dolphins on Sunday he showed that he had learned from his mistakes in the previous game and made sure he protected the football.

The highlight of the game for Wilson was his 16 consecutive completions he made during the game.

Darrell Bevell

With the continued development of Wilson it may be time to open up the passing game Darrell.

This record not only put him one short of tying the franchise record set by hall of famer Warren Moon but were the most consecutive completions made by a rookie quarterback in the 93 year history of the National Football League.

On top of his accomplishments threw the air on Sunday Wilson was also the most efficient runner for the Seahawks on Sunday. He ran the ball five times for 38 yards which is a 7.6 yard average.

This is only 8 yards less then Marshawn Lynch managed on 14 fewer carries.

There was a lot of criticism on the part of offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell on the late play calling.  The Seahawks struggled to run the ball the whole game but continued to run on first down leaving themselves with longer second and third down situations.

In the future the team might consider putting the ball in Wilson’s hand when the run game struggles. However this season the Seahawks have stuck with the run throughout the game even when it struggles and often it comes around in the second half.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is a good chance the Seahawks could play the last four games in the regular season without Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman.

If the Seahawks want to make the post season they may need to get more aggressive on offense to put more points on the board.

It is important to keep a balanced attack with the run and pass in order to keep both sides of the offense open.

However with the continued development of Wilson it may be time to open the passing game up more as other NFL teams prepare to shutdown Lynch as the key to stopping the Seahawks offense.


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