What the %!@# was Russell Okung thinking?

Bull run

Yes the title of this piece is what most Seahawks fans are thinking, but the ultimate question is, what in the Hell was Pete Schaffer (Okung’s agent) thinking?

What kind of professional allows his player to risk injury that could at best maim him, and at worst end his career?

That is who we should really be mad at here folks.

Okung has said that he wants to get the fullest out of life, and fully hopes to swim at the Devil’s Pool in Zambia as well.

Can we all agree that we hope that day comes after his playing days are over?

What big Russ said

Okung was quoted as saying he likened the experience to “pass blocking on third-and-long, except with potentially fatal consequences.”


WTF was Russell Okung thinking?

Sounds nice coming from our Pro Bowl offensive tackle, doesn’t it?

Russell went on to say that when asked by Shaffer if he’d taken out any special insurance policies in case of injury in the accident, he replied with “Besides praying, no…”

All of a sudden the act of running with the bulls gets a whole lot more serious for the boys in the front office.

Over the past 100 years there have been 15 deaths from participants. I didn’t find any news of any deaths in this years event, but the thought has to be in the back of every runners mind.

Some more Russ tidbits

Both Okung and Schaffer were asked to leave the race multiple times for running with cameras strapped to their chests.

So, even after two escape routes were given, they thought it was a good idea to get back into the race and risk injury.

I understand the thrill of the race is what brings people to Pamplona in the first place, and Russell said he knew he would get a lot of crap if he ended up getting injured, but the risk was worth it to him.

I think Okung feared the criticism of not finishing the race after traveling all the way to Spain more than the criticism of getting injured.

$8 million is a lot of money to spend on one player who likes to live his life on the edge. But honestly, unless this particular event was prohibited in his contract, there was nothing the Seahawks could’ve done about this.

These bulls weigh about 1,000 pounds each. Even to the massive offensive lineman, these animals were huge.

I will leave you with one last quote by Okung, this one is a dandy.

“You get to show your courage, we definitely did that. Those bulls are some big animals.” Russell Okung.


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