Five Seahawks signings that would give Ruskell a coronary Part #2

Time for another #PCJS checkup!

In the first part of this series, we looked at some players that would make Tim Ruskell’s ticker stop…, well, ticking.  Known for distancing himself from players who who got into trouble, he would surely question certain players that John Schneider and Pete Carroll’s Seahawks have signed.

For the record, I firmly believe in that old adage that “they can’t all be choir boys”.

Sure, you’ve got to have a core group of guys that bleed football, and who’s only vice is working out and reading the playbook.

Those players who never make the headlines unless it is for their production on the field, and since the Seahawks have a good group of those kinds of players, why not pepper in some players with checkered pasts and see what happens?

You don’t take risks on these kind of players unless they have produced in the past or have loads of potential.

Ruskell, wherever you are, “Getcha heart medicine ready!”

Terrell Owens

TO has always been a showman on the field. Understatement.

1. Terrell Owens

Where do we even begin with this guy?

From an impromptu press conference complete with sit ups in his driveway, to an apparent suicide attempt by overdosing on pills, Terrell Owens is known to be a head case who has to be one of the most alienated players in NFL history.

Most teams wouldn’t touch him with an 81-foot pole this offseason.

Lest we forget about him calling out his Quarterbacks in the press (see Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb).

He has always been a showman on the field, especially after scoring, like when he pulled a Sharpie out of his sock in front of Shawn Springs and signed a football after reaching the endzone.

Don’t forget catching hell for standing on the Dallas Star at midfield  after scoring a touchdown when he was with the 49ers.

Though he is a lock for the Hall of Fame, some people claim he shouldn’t be in, and that’s based solely on his polarizing antics.  According to him, he’s always open, and he’ll let you know about it.  He demands the ball, and he “loves him some him!”

More than he loves the team?

Maybe.  It’s not like he had his own reality show or anything.

Oh…, wait…

2. Braylon Edwards

Boy, two troubled Receivers on one team.

Ruskell would never hear of such a thing!  Braylon Edwards was put on probation for punching a party promoter outside a Cleveland nightclub in 2009.  He then promptly got a DUI whilst on said probation and picked up yet another year of probation and an additional 100 hours of community service.

Not really the type of stats you want to see your WR racking up.

He was implicated in a bar fight in Michigan recently, and then turned around to sue the bar for slander.  Sounds like he finds himself on the police blotter more than in the game plan these days.

Braylon Edwards

Ruskell would never hear of such a thing!

3. Marshawn Lynch

While he made the list in the first installment of this article, Marshawn Lynch makes a repeat performance due to his most recent DUI.

He has been formally charged in California now for driving under the influence, and there is still fear that he may miss a game or two due to his past transgressions.

4. J.R. Sweezy

Probably not a guy to make a huge impact this year, but seventh round draft pick in this year’s 2012 class probably wouldn’t have been on Ruskell’s radar.

He would have been to busy trying to find the next Kelly Jennings.

J.R. Sweezy is a college level DT who is being tried out at guard.  He has been arrested in the past for having pot in his house, and for an altercation with a 65-year old bus driver in which Sweezy was suspended by N.C. State for assaulting the shuttle bus worker.

Hopefully he can rough up D-lineman as well as he can a senior citizen. Word out of Seahawks camp + Tom Cable is this guy is good enough to challenge for a starters position NEXT year.

5. John Moffitt

YES! This is probably a reach. But in Ruskell’s regime would John even be on the team anymore? I doubt it.

Seattle Seahawks rookie guard John Moffitt was suspended 4 games last year for violating the league’s policy on performance enhancing substances.

It was apparently due to use of the prescription drug Adderall, but would that stop Ruskell from getting a heart palpitation!?!?!?

Heck no!

(Note: A side effect of the drug Adderall is heart palpitations.  Irony much?)

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