Five #PCJS Seahawks signings that would give Tim Ruskell a coronary

Is there a doctor in the house?

The Seattle Seahawks front office has been blessed with some pretty good leaders, but they have also been cursed at times.

From a long line of losing seasons to taking big gambles and losing, this franchise has been through a lot. When John Schneider, along with Pete Carroll, took over this Seahawks franchise, they immediately put their stamp on the team.

The previous regime, the Tim Ruskell era, was known for shipping players out at the first sign of trouble. Very rarely did the team keep a player with off the field issues around.

This time around, it’s slightly different. PCJS is willing to put up with a little bit of crap so long as it doesn’t affect the team. In fact, they have already made their mark on several players who have had troubled pasts.

With the amount of transactions that Pete and John have made in their 3 years with this Seahawks team, it’s easy to pinpoint some more frustrating signings.

Especially for someone looking for a squeaky clean record out of their players.

Let’s find 5 whoppers that would surely stop Ruskell’s heart.

5. Kellen Winslow

The recent Kellen Winslow acquisition would’ve raised Ruskell’s eyebrow, that’s for sure. He may be 28, but he is rumored to have weak legs. Tell that to his last 3 seasons of constant production.

Coming out of the University of Miami, he was already labeled trouble after making comments calling himself a soldier and that football was a war.

I hear there are even more character issues that popped up in his NFL career, but have yet to see evidence of this. His latest news-grabbing incident doesn’t help, though.

He and his wife are being sued in San Diego, CA for apparently renting a house and leaving it completely trashed.

Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks

He even looks Beast Mode in his mugshot

4. Golden Tate

This one is on the funny side. Knowing Ruskell doesn’t like seeing his players name in the news, he would have at least had a small stroke after reading about Golden Tate‘s run in with the law.

One night, while his favorite doughnut shop was closed for business, Tate broke into Top Pot just to get his paw on the doughnut chain’s maple bar.

He was slapped on the wrist for trespassing and got away clean.

While I’m sure Ruskell would understand the sweets factor coming into play, he would’ve flipped that Tate could not wait for them to open to indulge in the sugar bread.

3. Marshawn Lynch

As much as we love Marshawn Lynch here in Seattle, the law would disagree with whatever positive sentiment we have about Beast Mode. So would Ruskell.

In fact, besides the #1 on this list, Lynch may be a bigger coronary-invoker than the rest on this list.

Why you ask?

Because since 2006, Lynch has been busted for, or accused of 6 different incidents.

He struck a pedestrian with his car while he was with Buffalo (she was drunk and dancing in the street, but a pedestrian is a pedestrian…off limits), someone shot at him outside of his sister’s high school graduation mistakenly, supposedly sexually assaulted an ex-girlfriend and even was accused of stealing money from the purse of a Buffalo police officer.

But the doozie came in 2009 when Lynch was in a car with friends that was pulled over. The police smelled marijuana and found it, as well as a loaded weapon that was ruled to belong to Lynch.

Bruce Irvin, Seattle Seahawks

Irvin may have slipped up, but he has reformed and is hungry.

2. Leroy Hill

Leroy Hill would make Ruskell’s heart skip a few beats, that’s for sure! Despite his on field success and budding leadership, Hill has a short but serious list of offenses that have landed him in hot water with the Seahawks and the NFL.

And despite those blemishes, Seattle recently re-signed the veteran linebacker.

Hill has been arrested twice in three years for marijuana related offenses and was arrested for domestic violence in Issaquah, WA.

1. Bruce Irvin

If Ruskell was watching the NFL Draft this year, we would’ve known. We would have heard about him being rushed to the hospital after the announcement that the Seahawks chose Bruce Irvin with their first pick.

But that’s part of what makes Irvin the start of a really nice feel good story.

He had several issues growing up and extending into his early college years before he settled down. We know Carroll thinks he can work with him, because he tried to recruit Irvin at USC while he was there.

Despite his checkered past, Irvin has been upfront, honest and very regretful of his past indiscretions.

Ruskell still would have passed on him for those reasons alone.

I am not condoning having a team of players with a rap sheet, but you have to realize that this front office knows how to handle character issues well. These guys have reformed (except Hill apparently) and are looking for a second chance.

PCJS are just the ones to give them that chance.


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  • ptp

    The charges against Hill this offseason were dropped or invalidated somehow, as I recall, so I wouldn’t go so far as to say he hasn’t righted the ship.

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