Tanzania smack! Richard Sherman’s “You mad bro?” was epic!

Seahawks Sherman vs. Pats Brady

The post game focus in the media has been the confrontation between Richard Sherman and Tom Brady.  Clearly there was a lot more to the Seahawks‘ victory over the Patriots, but I love the way Sherman handled himself.

Backs it up with his play

Richard Sherman is not the first Seahawks player who ever talked smack, not by a long shot. The most infamous of the Seattle smack talkers has got to be former University of Washington tight end Jerramy Stevens.

In 2006, during Super Bowl Media Week, Jerramy Stevens said, “The Story of Jerome Bettis returning to his hometown is heartwarming, but it’s going to be a sad day when he doesn’t walk away with that trophy.”

At the time I saw nothing wrong with that statement. The trouble was, Stevens dropped 3 passes in that Super Bowl and didn’t back up his words with his play on the field.

The trouble was, Stevens dropped 3 passes in that Super Bowl and didn’t back up his words with his play on the field.

In contrast, Sherman does back up his words with his play on the field.  He deflected a would-be first down pass on third down pass to Brandon Lloyd, deflected a would-be touchdown intended for Wes Welker, and intercepted a pass intended for former Seahawks wide receiver Deion Branch.


I firmly believe in the saying, “Walk softly and carry a big stick.”  That doesn’t mean I have a problem with players who talk a lot of trash, as long as they back it up on the field.  What annoys me is when you have a player who runs his mouth, then avoids physical altercation in the game.

Early in the game Richard Sherman and Deion Branch were jawing at each-other when Branch gave Sherman a little push.  Sherman snapped around, grabbed Branch and said something.

My guess would be that he warned Deion that touching him would not be a good idea.


I couldn’t explain his attitude any better than Richard did in his post game interview.  If you haven’t heard it, I strongly recommend clicking this link and giving it a listen.

Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman is not the first Seahawks player who ever talked smack, but he could be the best.

For the record, Sherman said that he did not choose to take down the photo on twitter that had the caption “U Mad Bro?”.

On “NFL AM” this morning, Richard Sherman said that the Seahawk Media Relations had him take it down.

Not Intimidated

According to Richard Sherman, in an interview on “NFL AM” this morning, Tom Brady told Richard and Earl Thomas to “Come see him after the game, after we close this thing out” during a timeout in the third quarter.

Despite the fact that Tom Brady is a 2-time Super Bowl MVP’s, Sherman was not intimidated.  From that moment on, the Seahawks defense held the high powered New England Patriots offense scoreless.

Got in Brady’s head

I think that Tom Brady expected to be able to force the Seahawks young secondary to press during the game.  As a highly decorated quarterback, some may say the best quarterback of his generation, he thought they would fear him.

As I stated above, they were not intimidated.

To be honest, I think that when Richard Sherman stood up to Brady, it caused Brady to start pressing.  Brady wanted to show Sherman up so badly that he tried to force passes in his direction.

Richard made him pay.

Unless the Seahawks and the Patriots meet in the Super Bowl, Brady and Sherman will not face each-other for a long time, if ever again.

If you are keeping score at home, that means Sherman is 1-0 versus one of the best quarterbacks who has played the game.


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