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EPIC Meltdown!

Seahawks blogger Brett B. is back with his weekly post-game look at the Seattle Seahawks in his Love’ Em Hate’ Em column. An article that is always much easier to write after a Seahawks win on Sunday.


Love’ Em:

The Seahawks having Rufus Porter raise the 12th Man Flag

Rufus is one of my favorite Seahawks of all time. He played for the Seahawks from 1988-1994 and went to the pro bowl in 88′ and 89′ and was an all pro in 1989.

Porter was voted as one of two outside linebackers (Chad Brown was the other) to the Seahawks 35th anniversary team.

Marshawn Lynch continues to carry the offense

Marshawn has scored a touchdown in every game since he scored his first touchdown of the season against the Falcons on October the 2nd. He is averaging almost 111 yards per game on the ground and almost another 22 yards through the air in the last four weeks.

Thats 133 total yards per game or roughly 43% of the offense during the month of November.

The Seahawks were playing a physical brand of football on both sides of the ball

I just love players who play with a little nasty in them. I’m not talking about stomping on the throat nasty but hitting till the echo of the whistle and imposing your will on the other team nasty is how the game should be played.

The Seahawks special teams were special

All aspects of the special teams were about as good as you could ask. Leon Washington was making big returns, blockers were blocking, the coverage unit was excellent, John Ryan played how John Ryan plays and Red Bryant refused to let them kick the ball, blocking a field goal and an extra point.

The Seahawks lead in turn over margin yet again.

The Seahawks had two big interceptions  (one by Brandon Browner [2″] and one by Richard Sherman [2″]). They only had one turnover in the game and that was on the final drive when Tarvaris Jackson threw an ill advised pass over the middle to seal the Seahawks fate.

Hate’ Em

Washington Redskins tackle Trent Williams went out to Leon Washington during pre-game and head butted him

After the game some Redskins players were complaining about the Seahawks players being dirty (according to Chris Russell of the Redskins Radio Network).

Apparently walking up and head butting a guy who is 115 pounds smaller and 9 inches shorter than you are before the game starts is considered clean in the DC area.

The Seahawks start slow again

This team needs to figure a way to get prepared to play football from the opening kickoff.

I can understand how west coast teams can come out slow when they are playing in the early game but when they are playing at home and at 1:00 local time they should be ready to go.

Rufus Porter

Loved seeing Rufus Porter raise the 12th man flag on Sunday!

The call on Golden Tate for “going to the ground in the end zone”

I understand it is in the rules and they have to call the penalty but I don’t have a problem with that, it is the rule itself that needs to be changed.

It should simply be “No taunting the other team or its fan base”. I realize that leaves a bit to be interpreted by the official but they are professionals and I think they can handle it.

4th quarter play clock management

I was upset that Pete Carroll did not call the timeout before the two minute warning (2:04 seconds left on the clock).

He chose to let it run down to the two minute mark and then used the timeout after the next play (1:55 seconds left).

If he calls the timeout at 2:04 seconds and they run the same play with the same result the play clock would have stopped at 1:59 for the two minute warning a clock savings of 4 second.

I know it doesn’t sound like much but it can be the difference between one more play and the end of the game.

The other thing that bothered me was Tarvaris Jackson throwing a one yard dump off pass with less than 2 minutes to play.

If no one is open he should throw the ball away, one yard doesn’t mean anything at that point in the game.

Tarvaris Jackson’s play in general

I get the whole “he’s injured” thing but completing less than 50% of your pass attempts and having 144 yards is rediculous.

Charlie Whitehurst could have done that.

If his injury is really that serious perhaps its time to force him to take some time off because play like that isn’t helping the team win and playing every week can’t be helping it heal any faster.     

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