Brick Hands on Display – 5 Worst Seahawks Offenders

Drop em like they’re hot

With the recent case of the dropsies that the Seahawks offense has shown, it made me think…who have been the worst offenders of such a horrendous football crime in Seattle?


These 5 Seahawks have had the biggest case of butterfingers, brick hands or whatever you like to call it. (Case of the Drops)

5. Darrell Jackson

I’m not talking about the Darrell Jackson the Seahawks shipped to San Francisco.

Darrell Jackson

Love D-Jack! But man he dropped a lot of balls

I’m talking pre-Pro Bowl form. Yes, he got lots of targets which will lead to more drops, but when your drops come in clutch situations, you’re likely to get burned at the stake by steaming fans.

Point blank, he either led the NFL in drops or was near the top of that list in his years as a “premier” wide receiver.

4. T.J. Houshmanzadeh

Many Seahawks fans were happy they signed Housh. I was not.


His best years were because he was benefited greatly by Chad Johnson/Ochocinco and the constant bevy of extra attention he received.

In turn, Housh saw lots more productivity as the extra targets came his way.

In Seattle, he did not do much of anything. Sure the guy was tall, but even when he went for that jump ball, it would bounce of his hands routinely.

He constantly dropped routine passes, even when he was wide open down the sideline.

3. Jerramy Stevens

Stevens was pretty clutch overall for Seattle especially when needed. How many times, though, did you find yourself cursing or shaking your head at Stevens’ inability to grab easy balls thrown his way?

If you were a Seahawks fan DURING the Super Bowl run, not after, you know exactly what I am referencing here.

Does this look familiar, Seahawks fans?

And I have a feeling I won’t get an argument over it, either.

2. Anthony McCoy

Yes, McCoy is young. Yes, he is still considered inexperienced in the league. How, though, does he drop so many easy passes that were thrown perfectly to him? In several cases, he was pretty damn wide open.

When our offense needs a kick start through a quick pass or decent yardage gain, McCoy has had several chances to come through and act as a catalyst. Instead, he has become a goat.

1. Koren Robinson

Along with his many disciplinary problems, Robinson could not catch a big pass to save his life. Maybe it was his speed? Maybe it was the marijuana?

Either way, I cannot recall how many moments of shame or disappointment came over me while watching his years in Seattle.

Google “Koren Robinson drops” and laugh away. I’m not kidding.

Do agree with my list? Is there anybody you would add or take off? Comment below and let me know!

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