Reaction: The Seattle Seahawks disgraceful 6-3 loss was an absolute joke

Seahawks Put me to sleep

First game in Seattle Seahawks history where they lost by three points and I wasn’t even angry.

I was so tired from the three hour nap the team put me through to truly care. I mean the Seahawks attempted 33 pass attempts and had just 72 yards net passing.


This performance was horrible and wasted one of the best defensive games in Seahawks history.

The Seahawks offense looked very J.V. like having just 137 total yards of offense. Instead of blaming the refs(who were beyond terrible by the way) le’ts look at the facts that our offense is a joke.

Charlie Whitehurst

The Cleveland defense held Seattle to 137 yards of offense in a 6-3 victory

This game was so dreadful to watch I honestly thought about changing the station or going back to bed.

I think Whitehurst 12-30 for 97 yards piss poor performance will finally shut up any quarterback controversy. Although I’m sure the fans will move on to Josh Portis who I’ll talk about later in the week.

The Seahawks also had no running game as “beast mode” somehow was too injured to play despite being suited up.

The offense averaged only 2.7 yards per play  on 50 plays that were called which is pathetic. The offense had two weeks to prepare for this game yet look completely unprepared.

The play calling was awful as they called pass plays 66% of the time with a backup quarterback who obviously is terrible.

There was no attempt to help this inept offense either. No screen passes to Washington, no draw runs, way too many passes to backup tight ends. For whatever reason despite the no huddle offense working for both Tarvaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst the Seahawks didn’t run it once.

When you’re in the third quarter and your offense is playing like crap why not try the no huddle?

In conclusion, this game was beyond boring and now that the Seahawks are three games back in the standings any chance of making playoffs seems very unrealistic.

The offense wasted a terrific game by the defense which was a shame.

This game made me want to fall asleep and I’m sure if they pull this garbage again next Sunday I will change the channel to the New England Patriots-Pittsburgh Steelers game.

I’m a diehard fan but I watch football for entertainment which this game didn’t do.

Instead the Seahawks made me even more bored as this game was simply disgraceful. The Seahawks seriously need to draft all offense in the NFL draft once again as the entire unit is just plain dreadful.     

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  • Maybe we should look into trading our entire offensive unit with the huskies. Or perhaps look at hiring a magician that could help with some illusions to make fans think that the team is better than it really is.

  • Larry9

    I agree, what happend to the no huddle, that worked so well the last couple of weeks. your right the defense was good. Carrol please look at your game films once in awhile.

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