Seattle Seahawks vs. Rams Blog: Love’ Em & Hate’ Em

2 Game Win Streak!

Seahawks blogger Brett B. is back with his weekly post-game look at the Seattle Seahawks in his Love’ Em Hate’ Em column. An article that is always much easier to write after a Seahawks win on Sunday.


Love’ Em:

I love starting the game with a thrown from Sidney Rice to Mike Williams.

At the begging of the game (especially against a division rival) players are amped up and ready to go. So to throw in a misdirection play the Rams haven’t seen on tape is a great way to start. We have seen the end around a few times and on every occasion in the past the Seahawks ran the play as a simple end around so when the defense saw the play they reacted as if thats what it was.

Mike Williams was able to get open and Sidney Rice hit him in stride for 55 yards.

You can’t throw a ball better then the one that Rice threw.

I love Leon Washington’s big returns.

Leon had a couple really nice punt return and only had the punter to beat for a touchdown on one occasion.

I love taking the field goal and going into the half with a lead.

I realize you don’t get many chances in a game to score from the 1 yard line but when you are on the road it is important to take points when you can get them.

At home this is a 50-50 decision when playing an opponent like the Rams but away it’s a no brainier.

The Seahawks were able to go into the locker room, after playing a terrible half of football, with a lead feeling like if they just came out in the second half and played sound football they would get the victory on the road. Thats exactly what they did.

Seattle Seahawks Chris Clemons

The Seahawks defense only allowed one first down on the ground - (Photo by Whitney Curtis/Getty Images)

I love the Seahawks defense.

Seattle wasn’t exactly facing an offensive powerhouse in St. Louis but when a defense holds any team in the NFL to under 200 yards total offense they had a great performance. The Rams manages 143 yards passing and just 42 rushing.

The Rams never had a snap in the red zone and turned the ball over three times.

The Seahawks defense only allowed one first down on the ground and held Sam Bradford to his lowest passer rating of the season.

I love that the Seahawks held control of the ball for the majority of the game for the third straight week. 

Hate’ Em

I hate the Seahawks passing attack.

After the great throw by Sidney Rice Tarvaris Jackson turned around on the next play and made a boneheaded decision by starring down wide receiver Mike Williams the whole way and throwing the ball right to the waiting line backer.

Three plays later Jackson threw the ball to Ben Obamanu, who was covered, and it was intercepted. Ben should have come back toward his quarterback but the pass should never have been thrown.

After that point Seattle managed just 148 yards passing in 3 2/3 quarters.

I hate all the penalties.

13 penalties for 100 yards is ridiculous.

I don’t care how young the team is or how inexperienced they are Pete Carroll must find a way for this team to be more disciplined if they ever hope to become a contender.

I hate when players don’t fall on fumbles to secure possession.

First it was Clinton McDonald picking up the Sam Bradford fumble and trying to run with it then Byron Maxwell picked up Leon Washington’s muffed punt and was leveled.

They are both lucky they didn’t fumble the ball themselves.

When there is a ball on the ground a player should fall on the ball and protect it, period.     

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  • Thattoddguy

    Two dumbest interceptions I’ve seen since Jackson has been a Seahawk!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t say I disagree w/ you there. This team needs a quarterback, either via the 2012 draft or a young gun via FA like how we got Matt. H. T-Jack, TD Jesus, and I assume Portis aren’t the answer. I feel like I”m beating a dead horse making this point though.

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