Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks Blog: Love’ Em & Hate’ Em

Did You Miss Monday Night?

Seahawks blogger Brett B. is back with his weekly post-game look at the Seattle Seahawks in his Love’ Em Hate’ Em column. An article that is always much easier to write after a Seahawks win on Monday night football 30-13 over the Rams.


Love em’

The sound of the crowd from the field

I was fortunate enough to be able to go down on the field during pre-game and the raising of the 12th Man Flag. While i was down there I noticed that the cannons are extremely loud and you can feel the shock wave hit your body.

I also got to hear the crowd from field level for the first time. It is incredibly loud (much louder then it seems in the stands) and I can understand how the crowd can be so effective in disrupting the performance of the opposing team.

The Seahawks were extremely loose in pre-game

They weren’t cocky but they were dancing around, smiling and having a great time.

They seemed like they felt prepared to go out and control the game but they also showed intensity while they were running the drills.

On a side not Steven Jackson walked right by me before the game and he looked extremely intense and focused. I thought for sure he was going to have a huge day.

Seahawks Special Teams

Once again the Seahawks Special Teams unit was great. The only thing they could have done much better was covering kickoffs.

Seahawks 3rd down defense

The Seahawks defense held the Rams to a 21% conversion rate (3-14) on third downs.

Meanwhile the Seahawks offense had a 50% conversion rate. When you can stay on the field on offense and get off the field on defense you are able to control the game as well as the clock.

Seahawks offensive line

The patch work offensive line controlled the game. They gave up 2 sacks, one of which was because Robert Gallery stepped on Tarvaris Jackson and Jackson fell down.

They were able to block well enough in the running game to allow Marshawn Lynch to run for over 100 yards for the 5th time in the last 6 games.

Hate Em’

Bill Leavy and his officiating crew

He stole the Lombardi Trophy from Seattle and later admitted that he had made horrible calls that “effected the outcome” of the game.

Rams vs. Seahawks

Rams vs. Seahawks on Monday Night Football - Love'Em & Hate'Em

I would think that in his first game officiating in Seattle he would have instructed his crew to let the players play a little and to be careful not to screw up calls against the Seahawks.

Up until late in the third quarter I felt that the crew was doing a pretty good job and I was even considering including it in the Love Em’ section of this post.

Then something happened.

All of a sudden the Seahawks defensive backs couldn’t do anything without being called for it. There was a play where there was obvious offensive pass interference on the Rams (Richard Sherman probably would have intercepted the ball) but of course it wasn’t called.

Seahawks Red Zone offense

1-3 scoring touchdowns in the red zone is not the formula for victory.

Luckily on Monday they were playing an inferior opponent and were able to overcome that.

Calling the trick play late in the game

I love using trickery to catch an opponent that you face all the time off guard but once you have the game wrapped up there is no reason to take the risk of a halfback pass.

Lynch is not quarterback for a reason.

Josh Brown

Yeah, I just hate him period and loved watching him yelling at the coaching staff to challenge the onside kick and seeing him frustrated after the ruling was upheld.

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