Weighing in on prospective Seahawks 2013 NFL draft picks

Plenty of picks in 2013

With the extra two 7th round compensatory draft picks the Seattle Seahawks gained this week, this totals the teams draft selections with 10.

And with the #1 power ranking painted freshly on our backs, this years draft may be the most important of the PC/JS era.

I’m focusing on the needs that I think are the most important as of right now. I’ve already had to edit my list because of the signings that took place last week, DE and WR were my top priorities.

So here is my updated needs list: Tight End, Offensive Tackle, Guard, and Outside Linebacker.

I have my top two choices at the order of importance (draft order), plus one personal choice that I think you all will agree with, even though it is highly unlikely.

TE – Pick 1, RD 2, Pick 56 overall

Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame. Projected 1-2 rds.

In their trek to the National Championship game, Eifert helped the Irish by reeling in 44 catches for 624 yards.

Though he was never really his QB’s first option, his size let him become one of the better blockers on the ND offensive line.

With his needed improvement in his blocking game, he could be just what the Seahawks need while rolling out their double TE sets, leaving Zach Miller open for catches in the slot.

Joseph Fauria, UCLA. Projected 2-3 rds.

Tyler Eifert Notre Dame TE

Tyler Eifert, a big game TE from Notre Dame. (Photo: Google)

Fauria helped the Bruins to the Pac-12 Championship game by bringing in 41 receptions for 578 yards, and 11 TD’s.

Another great pass catching TE, the Hawks could use as a back up, and like Miller, Fauria was exceptional in the Red Zone for the Bruins last year.

His uncle Christian is a retired EX-Seahawks TE as well, so that adds an extra dimension of “cool” doesn’t it?


Dallas Thomas, Tennessee. Projected 2-3 rds.

Thomas is a big boy, weighing in at 306 pounds, who can play either the guard or the tackle position.

Though big, Thomas is extremely quick for his size, and gets in his defenders faces off the snap, and knocks them down more times than not.

The only minus for this pick is that he is not as good on passing plays as he is on running plays, so he would have to be a situational player, something I’m not sure the Hawks would be comfortable with.

Oday Aboushi, Virginia. Projected 3rd rd.

The good thing about Aboushi is his game is most compared to Breno Giacomini. The bad thing about his game is it is most compared to Breno Giacomini.

That leaves the Seahawks in a catch-22, do they want to bring in a rookie to replace Giacomini, when at times Giacomini plays like a rookie himself?

Anyways, Aboushi has played at both the L and R Tackle positions at Virginia, which could bring an added bonus to the draft pick, and has shown great bursts of speed off the snap to quell his defenders rush.


J.C. Tretter, Cornell. Projected 4-5 rds.

The best thing about Tretter’s game is that he used to be a TE, so he has speed, and blocking ability already built into his psyche, but lack of time at the G position is still a question mark.

His speed has given him a boost when double teamed though, as he has the ability to roll off the double team and pick up the extra rusher heading for the backfield.

Could be a bust, but his athleticism might just be worth the pick, especially when the Hawks could use him at more than just one position.

Hugh Thornton, Illinois. Projected 5-6 rds.

At 320, Thornton has mastered the ability to use his lower body strength to his advantage.

His hands are quick for a big man, and has developed two distinct moves for knocking down defenders, as well as a whipping motion to swat down the hands of pass rushers like an axe.

Even though he is projected lower, I like Thornton as the better of the two prospects.


Larentee McCray, Florida. Projected 5th rd.

As a OLB in the SEC, he has seen some of the best QB’s, WR’s, and RB’s, the college game has to offer. That alone gives him an edge over other 5th round projected LB’s.

McCray has good top speed, and even better acceleration speed. Two things that will come in handy against a team like the 49ers, who have an option style QB.

His style of play has been most likened to Leroy Hill, so we know what kind of player we would be getting, but hopefully the off-field lifestyle is a tad better.

Ty Powell, Harding. Projected 5th rd.

Desmond Trufant Washington Huskies

Desmond Trufant, hometown boy, hopeful pick. (Photo:

Harding has played DE, S, and LB in the Harding football program, so like Tretter, he could be an added bonus pick for the Hawks as they could move him almost anywhere on the defensive side of the field.

Though Harding is not quite the football powerhouse as Florida is, Powell did impress enough scouts at his pro-day to warrant a mid round projection.

His versatility alone gives me a reason why the Hawks should take him, if not in the 5th round, but maybe with one of their 7th round picks, if he were to drop that far.

Obligatory Sentimental Pick

Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington. Projected 1st rd.

There’s no way that Desmond Trufant will slip all the way to the 56th pick, but if he were to, the Hawks would have to take him.

Throw all insight, planning, and draft day war room ideology out the window.

Trufant would be a great pick for this team not only because of his brother, or because of the Huskies, but because you can never have enough great DB’s on your football team.

Wishful thinking, I know, but it still would be a great story.

Until draft day, stay strong 12th man, and give the M’s a little love too.


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  • Great read Clinton.

    • Clinton

      Thanks Q!

  • Aaron G

    I dont see us drafting a tight end early this year. Miller is underrated and during the playoffs he proved that he can flat out ruin defenses – he’ll see more catches this year for sure. We also have him until 2016, and his major cap hit goes way down after this season (from 11 million this year, to 7 in 2014). I definitely see him staying a Hawk until his contract is up. That leaves McCoy (who could never hold an offense up by himself, but who does great in those multiple TE sets) and newly signed ex Basketball player Darren Fells. Whether or not Fells works out remains to be seen, but it does give Seattle options, and it’s obvious they loved what they saw from him. They didnt let him leave the building without signing him, and apparently kept asking “are you SURE you never played TE in college?” …I dont expect a miracle here, but im optimistic that he can surprise some people. Regardless, Unless Fauria falls to the 4th, I think our needs at OLB, DT, and on the Oline are bigger. Dont get me wrong, I like Fauria as a pass catcher (hes a giant target and would be sexy in the red zone) but his blocking is dreadful and I think we just have a few other positions that are more important.

  • Well said Aaron. I’m intrigued by Fells’ signing and find DB, OL, and LB priorities. Nevertheless, a “luxury” pick like Denard Robinson, or other “Ath” wouldn’t surprise me for play-making potential. It’s really anyone’s guess with PC/JS! A WR in San Diego ran a 4.35 40 and didn’t even attend the NFL Combine.

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