Pre-draft season predictions for your 2014 Seattle Seahawks

It’s never too early to guess

The schedules are out and we know which teams (and when) the Seattle Seahawks will be facing each and every week of the 2014 NFL Season.

A rolling stone gathers no moss, so despite the draft being almost two weeks away, I’m going to give you my pre-draft prediction of each and every game.

A couple of notes on this year’s schedule:  The Seahawks have the sixth-most difficult schedule in the NFL.  It probably could have been higher had it not been time for the NFC West to get the AFC west in non-conference games this year.

Will the Seahawks take down the Packers in Week 1? Photo courtesy of

Will the Seahawks take down the Packers in Week 1? Photo courtesy of

Getting to play the AFC West should be interesting.  A little history for you on Seahawk conferences:  In 1976 the Seahawks debuted in the NFC before joining the AFC the following year.  In 2002 the Seahawks moved to the NFC where they currently reside.

Also notable is the fact that the Seahawks are scheduled to play four times in primetime this year, although three out of four are on the road.  The last primetime game against Arizona in week 16 is subject to Sunday night flexing, however, so that one could change.

The Seahawks will appear twice on Thursday, including the season opener at home against Green Bay and their first trip to San Francisco to see the new Levis Stadium.  The Seahawks only make one appearance on Monday Night Football, and it’s a road game in Washington.

Week 1:  Green Bay Packers

The Seahawks open on Thursday night against a tough opponent: the Green Bay Packers.  Ah, the first game since Fail Mary against the Packers.  No Golden Tate anymore, however.  Aaron Rodgers is healthy too.  Look for the Seahawks to win a close one on the strength of their defensive scoring.


Week 2:  at San Diego Chargers

The first game against old AFC West foes is in San Diego.  Philip Rivers is the man, but that Charger D is ugly.  Seahawks win.


Week 3:  Denver Broncos

It’s a rematch of blowout Super Bowl 48 just seven months earlier.  This time the game is in Seattle.

Try to contain your laughter as this one will likely be a laugher.  If Denver can’t beat Seattle in NY, it certainly can’t do it in Seattle.  Seahawks win.


Week 4:  Bye

A note on the bye week.  It’s early this year.  Just three games in, rest and then 13 straight games.

Not the best spot it could have been.

Week 5:  at Washington Redskins

The lone MNF appearance for the Hawks is in DC.  One would have to think RG3 will be healthier than the last time we were there.

Let’s just hope the field is in better condition this time too.  Seahawks win.


Week 6:  Dallas Cowboys


Seahawks at home against these clowns?  Seahawks win.


Seattle Seahawks Chris Clemons

Round 1: Seahawks. (Photo by Whitney Curtis/Getty Images)

Week 7:  at St. Louis Rams

This is going to be a tougher game for Seattle.  Fisher is no fool and his young defense gave Seattle fits last year.  I look for this to be a defensive struggle on the road.

Seahawks drop this one.


Week 8:  at Carolina Panthers

The last two regular season matchups have been in Carolina.  So is this one.  The Panthers haven’t had to visit Seattle since 2010.  Hardly seems fair.

Another defensive struggle here and the Seahawks will do something they don’t do often — lose two in a row.  Seahawks fall.


Week 9:  Oakland Raiders

Terrelle Pryor gets to face off against his old team, this time as a tight end.  You wanted predictions right?  It’s not 1984 anymore and the Raiders in Seattle is laughable in this day and age.

Dust off that old Raider Busters T-Shirt and watch the Seahawks win decisively.


Week 10:  New York Giants

I can hear the accusations of pumping crowd noise through the PA system already.  It’s going to be loud and Eli doesn’t have a prayer in Seattle considering the Seahawks shut him out in NY last year.

Seahawks put the whoopin’ on NY.


Week 11:  at Kansas City Chiefs

This matchup makes me long to watch replays of Derrick Thomas sacking Dave Krieg seven times only to lose his grip on him for a potential eighth sack as Krieg fires a last-second TD pass to former UW star WR Paul Skansi to beat the Chiefs.

The Chiefs are tough, and I think they’ll catch Seattle napping this time.  Seahawks drop this one.


Week 12:  Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have the distinction of being the only team to walk in Century Link in recent memory and leave with a ‘W.’  I doubt the Seahawks have forgotten that fact, either.

Seattle will be looking to prove a point in this one.  Seattle wins.


Week 13:  at San Francisco 49ers

I like that the first 49ers game is on the road.  I don’t like how tough this team is for the Seahawks.  This game will be its usual chirpy blood bath.

Seattle ultimately falls in a defensive battle.


Week 14:  at Philadelphia Eagles

The first look at a Chip Kelly offense will be an interesting test for the fiery Seattle secondary.  It’s the type of offense that has the potential to mess up Seattle’s defensive personnel rotations.

The Seahawks are able to dial up the pressure, however, and make it work.  Seattle wins.


Week 15:  San Francisco 49ers

Home for the 49ers.  CLink will be rockin’.  The Seahawks will look for revenge of their loss just two weeks earlier to the 49ers, and they will get it.  

Russell Wilson with a big day shows he’s the better QB in this one.  Seattle wins.

Seahawks vs. Cardinals

When Seattle plays Arizona late in the year, the Hawks could be battling for home-field advantage.


Week 16:  at Arizona Cardinals

My prediction here is that Arizona will not be playing for much of anything on their way to a last-place finish in the NFC West.  The Seahawks will be playing for home-field advantage, so they’ll take care of business.

Seattle wins.


Week 17:  St. Louis Rams

The Rams aren’t going to go away this year.  They beat Seattle earlier in the year, per my prediction, but this time Seattle gets them at home.

The 12th man will prove too much for the young Rams’ D this go around.  Russell Wilson and the Seahawks get the best of the Rams.


So there you have it.  I have the Seahawks at 13-3 for 2014, exactly the same record they had last year. 

One note:  I reserve the right to change my mind after I see the Seahawks’ draft this year.

See you at the draft!


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