Five positions the Seahawks must upgrade during the offseason: Part 2 of 2

Seahawks’ team needs

In case you missed part one of this two part series, the first two positions covered for our Seahawks were defensive end and offensive guard.

Here then are my picks for a couple more positions that MUST be upgraded ahead of the Hawks 2013 season.

Defensive tackle

Currently on the roster:

You may have noticed the list is missing a couple big names.  Alan Branch and Jason Jones are both unrestricted free agents.

If I were John Schneider or Pete Carroll my top priority would be to get a deal done with Jason Jones.  

Last season he chose joining the Seahawks over the Rams.  Jason was looking to prove that he could still be a disruptive force in the middle after being moved to defensive end by the Titans.

Jones proved he could still play the position, however between injuries and low sack numbers I don’t expect him to get offered the type of contract he was looking for.  That said, he will get offers if the Seahawks don’t get a deal done before free agency begins.

Branch & Mebane

Alan Branch & Brandon Mebane work nice together against the run…don’t they?

Jason Jones made a big difference in the amount of pressure the Seahawks were able to get on opposing quarterbacks.   The Seahawks averaged 2.4 sacks per game in the 15 games that Jones was in the lineup.  During the games where Jason was out the team only averaged 1.5 sacks per contest.

When the Seahawks line Alan Branch up beside Brandon Mebane it becomes very difficult for teams to run the ball up the middle.  Both players are very capable of holding their ground even while being double teamed.

Clinton McDonald is a restricted free agent, however I do not expect the Seahawks to give him a qualifying offer.  That means he will essentially become an unrestricted free agent.

I expect the Seahawks to wait until after the draft to see if they can upgrade his roster spot.

They will most likely try to fill his spot, either free agency or the draft, before trying to re-sign him.

Wide receiver

Currently on the roster:

Too often last season the Seahawks receivers were unable to get separation.  The Seahawks need a big play receiver to line up opposite Sidney Rice, one that scares opposing defenses.  Nothing against Golden Tate, I believe he has come into his own as an Wes Welker type player, but he doesn’t stretch the field.

The Seahawks could look to upgrade this position in free agency.

Ben Obomanu

Releasing Obomanu would clear roughly $2.3 million off cap

If Seattle released Ben Obomanu they would clear roughly $2.3 million off their cap this season.  Let’s face it, even if $2.3 million was all the money they spent in free agency the player they got would likely be an upgrade.

Of the nine receivers who are making between $2.3-$2.9 million next season Ben had the least amount of receptions, least yards and was tied for the least amount of touchdowns.

The other 8 players averaged 45 more receptions, 562 more yards and 2.5 more touchdowns than Obomanu last season.

I believe he was kept this season due to his contributions on special teams, but Jeremy Lane has emerged and can fill the void that releasing Ben would leave.

Weakside linebacker (Will)

Currently on the roster:

Leroy Hill is a free agent again this season.  Hopefully this is finally the year that the Seahawks are not forced to bring him back.  Far too often Leroy has struggled in coverage and  once the Seahawks solidify this position the back 7 will be complete.

Malcolm Smith could be the answer.  He has shown signs of improvement but he still isn’t as good as Hill.  In other words he isn’t quite as good as barely adequate.

It seems a bit odd that 3 of the top 5 positions that need to be upgraded are on the defensive side of the ball yet that is the way I see it.  Some people may think that right tackle should be upgraded, but personally I like Breno Giacomini.

I feel like he is worth the $3.75 million dollar cap hit next season.

To sum it all up. My 5 positions of need are, WLB, DE, DT, Guard, and WR, If those five positions are upgraded I believe the Seahawks will end up in New Jersey next season.

Go Seahawks!


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    Ya, that sounds about right. I agree with you about liking Giocomini, but not because I don’t think we can’t upgrade. I like him because he brings that dirt bag in the trenches mentality Mora wanted.

    • That I exactly my point, he has the toughness and nastiness that I love! Thank you for your comment, Go Seahawks!

  • Hawkman54

    Kam needs to learn to cover or eventually they will have to replace him, he is horrid in pass D. Plus KJ isn’t all that great in pass D either. Two sites that grade players over the 16 game season had Hill rated above KJ (wish I would have wrote them down, duh) Now I know Hill is worse in pass D but not by much, and according to those two sites KJ gets out of position much more than hill on run D. I don’t think Breno was that bad either , the main weak spot was at ORG more so than ORT.

    • The issue is Hill in coverage. The Will is the linebacker who should be the best in coverage and have the ability to chase down running plays from behind. He has always been a good tracker but the problem is that is how he is in pass coverage. I have not graded the players yet, but I need to get started on that. Thank you for your comment, Go Seahawks!

  • Hawkman54

    D line is the biggest spot for more talent everywhere! QB pressure is Pete’s #1 goal as he stated ! They need a 2005 Leroy Hill and lots of improvemnet in pass D from KJ. Kam needs to LEARN how to cover or he might be replaced in the near future , for he is horrid in pass D, even though he is great in hits after and run D. They need to find the answer at nickle corner also. I agree Breno wasn’t that bad , if he cleans up the penalties and gets some help at the RG position he is fine for now . ORG is in need of more attention than ORT.Finally a speed WR would be nice , stretch that field and the underneath becomes a playday with what they already have.

    • I think that Jeremy Lane is going to be fine as a nickelback. That is why I chose not to include CB in the top 5 needs. Thank you for your comment, Go Seahawks!

  • LV Seahawker

    Hawks need to go after Steelers free agent WR Mike Wallace! Steelers wont be able to sign him or tender him the franchise tag because they are so far over the salary cap. Wallace is the big, fast #1 reciever we need to match up with Sidney and Russell for a total break out next year. Defenses wil tremble not knowing what to stop, the pass or the run!

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