Five positions the Seahawks must upgrade during the offseason: Part 1 of 2

Seahawks’ team needs

No matter how good a team is during the previous season, there are always changes that need to take place if you want to stay competitive.  Even the Super Bowl champions will be looking to upgrade certain positions.

This year’s Seattle Seahawks team was very good, but they are still in the final stages of rebuilding.  

Rebuilding the team was a process that Pete Carroll and John Schneider started in 2010.  It honestly doesn’t feel like the Seahawks ever went through a rebuilding phase because Seattle never went through a period of time where they weren’t competitive.  Now they are at the point where the roster is a few pieces away from being complete.

Bruce Irvin Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers

Bruce Irvin will be a very interesting player to watch develop as his career moves forward.

What I’m saying is that the window isn’t fully open yet.  After they upgrade these five positions, their widow will be wide open and the expectations should be a trip to the Super Bowl.

Defensive end

Currently on the roster:

The lack of depth at defensive end became very apparent watching the Seahawks play the Falcons in the Divisional Round of the playoffs this year.  Chris Clemons‘ absence affected everything the defense was able to do against Atlanta.

The combination of Bruce Irvin and Greg Scruggs rushing the passer does not scare anyone.  Irvin had 8.0 sacks this season, which is a lot for a rookie, but a big reason why he was able to get so many was because teams worried more about Clemons.  He is an established pass rusher in the league, and teams tend to pay extra attention to guys like him.

As surprised as I was about Scruggs’ development throughout the season, I feel like he is better suited to play in a backup/rotational role. He holds up to the run much better than Irvin, but he has trouble getting to the passer from the outside.

I don’t expect Clemons back at the start of the season. He’ll most likely start the season on the PUP (physically unable to preform) list and miss the first six weeks of 2013.

Even if Clemons is ready to play week one, the team needs to add someone for depth.  

When Irvin was drafted, Pete Carroll hoped that he could replace Clemons someday; however, I don’t see Bruce ever being anything more than a situational pass rusher.  Irvin is a quality pass rusher to replace Red Bryant on passing downs.

I would like to see the team use an early-round draft choice to pick up a young guy who can rush the passer and play the run.  Get a player on the team who can actually back up Chris, and eventually replace him.  That player is not on the team yet.

It reminds me of the situation the Seahawks were faced with last year with Justin Forsett.  During the offseason they replaced Justin with Robert Turbin who was actually able to back up Marshawn Lynch.

Offensive guard

Currently on the roster:

Paul McQuistan is a decent guard; however, there is a reason why he is only making a position-high $2 million next season.  If you add up all the money owed to the five Seahawks guards through the remainder of their contracts, it is still significantly less money than the Buccaneers will pay Carl Nicks next season.

The simple fact that neither John Moffitt nor JR Sweezy could stand out enough to play the entire game speaks volumes about how offensive line coach Tom Cable views the two players.  Not to mention Moffitt’s inability to stay healthy.

John Moffitt

Speaking of health, can James Carpenter stay healthy for an entire season?  At this point it would be nice to see him play two games in a row.  There is no way I would feel comfortable with the Seahawks going into the season with hopes that he could fill any role on the active roster.

I feel like the Seahawks are average at offensive guard at best.  One quality player could be a huge difference maker.  If Seattle can add a left guard, they will solidify the position.

As we look at the draft—and free agency later in the offseason—we will discuss individuals.  For now, I like to think about the position group with a top notch left guard and Paul McQuistan at right guard.  Then have Moffitt and Sweezy backing them up as you head into training camp.

Maybe Moffitt or Sweezy will step up in camp and can take the starting right guard spot away from  McQuistan.  If not, I am comfortable with Paul starting on the right side.

In order to keep this evaluation bearable to read in its entirety, I have broken it into two segments.

The second segment will feature the final three position groups that I deem necessary for the Seahawks to upgrade if they want to challenge for a Super Bowl next season.

I hope you guys are as excited to watch the six Seahawks play in the Pro Bowl as I am.  The game itself isn’t usually worth the time, but I will enjoy watching Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Max Unger, Russell Okung and Leon Washington represent the city of Seattle.

Go Seahawks!


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  • Dirtay

    Great words my dawg


    If Carpenter can stay healthy, he’ll be the left guard. Carroll and Cable really liked what he could do on the line.

  • HawkBowl

    Good points man. One thing I will say is I think Irvin can eventually be an every down type of player. Right now his biggest flaw is his inability to hold up against the run. Keep in mind though that he played DE in a 3-3-5 at West Virginia. He had to have dealt with the run during those times. This isn’t to say he won’t need a year or two to get to that point or that we don’t need depth. I’m just not ready to say that Irvin is only going to be a pass rusher for his entire career.

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