Seattle Seahawks that are not cutting the mustard

4-1 is nice, but…

After a tough loss, it’s easy to start having negative thoughts. However, Seattle Seahawks fans need not panic yet.

This team is 4-1, and it lost a challenging game against a rising team on the road.  There are some players on the roster that I’m starting to worry about, though.

Here is my list of five Seahawks that need to pick up the pace if they want to keep up with the rest of the team. If they don’t, they could find themselves looking for a new contract with a new team.

Sidney Rice

If you look at the Seahawks depth chart at wide receiver, you find Sidney Rice‘s name listed first.  If you look at his stats, he’s not listed first for anything after the first five games, which is a bit concerning.

If you are Rice and you compare your contract with your stats for 2013, you start to really get concerned. You have $8.5 million vs. 10 catches for 146 yards and two Touchdowns.

That’s $850,000.00 per catch so far.

Ouch!  Time to pick it up, Sidney, or you are going to be the one cut when Percy Harvin is activated.

Golden Tate (the punt/kick returner)

This is not about Golden Tate catching Russell Wilson‘s passes.  He’s done that well.

Golden Tate and Sidney Rice must step up as the year goes on.

Golden Tate and Sidney Rice must step up as the year goes on.

What he has not done is much of anything in the punt return game.  That’s an area that was very strong the past several years for Seattle.

So far, Tate has 15 returns at a whopping 12.4 yard average with no touchdowns.  He’s not any better on kickoffs either: two returns for an average of just over 20 yards per return.

Hello?  Is this Leon?  Oh, does anyone have his number?

Derrick Coleman

Ok, there are never going to be a lot of receptions, rushes, yards or touchdowns to look at for your fullback, but he’s doing some other stuff that is driving me crazy.

He’s missing blocks!

I don’t know if this is a scheme issue that he doesn’t understand or if he just stinks as a blocker.  The worst part is it’s not confined to runs or passes. It’s both!

He’s missing blitzes that are going after Russell Wilson, and he’s not staying on guys as a lead blocker for Marshawn Lynch.

Michael Robinson, where are you when we need you?

Paul McQuistan

I’m trying to give Paul McQuistan the benefit of the doubt since he had to move to left tackle from guard to replace the injured Russell Okung. That said, I’m having a hard time with it.

Paul looks lost over there at times on passing plays.  He’s letting speed rushers right around the corner and getting beat on swim and spin moves to the inside.

Maybe it’s time for Pete Carroll to give rookie tackle Alvin Bailey a shot over there.  I’m not sure he’ll do better, but I don’t think it can get worse.  Wilson has been sacked 15 times already, and the last thing the Seahawks need is for him to get hurt.

Kellen Davis

Kellen Davis joined the team after Week 1 as the third tight end behind Zach Miller and Luke Willson.   Unfortunately, Zach Miller has been banged up and missed the entire game against the Colts.

On the season, Davis has two catches for 31 yards. You’d think with Miller out last week he would have some numbers to show here, but he had no catches against the Colts.

And that might not even be his worst statistic.  Stupid penalties like false starts are killing Davis’ chances of staying on this roster.

Shape up or ship out, gentleman.  Pete Carroll and company have shown they have no problem cutting guys lose that aren’t getting it done.


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  • wamo1

    Golden Tate is ranked #5 in the League in Punt returns. Not a lot of chances to return kicks these days.

    • DRRL

      Agreed. Carpenter belongs on this list much more than Tate. Granted kick returns have been weak this year, but with the move on kickoffs, the kick return game is not as critical as it was during Washington’s heyday. And Tate’s doing great on punt returns.
      Court is still out for me with both current guards, who really need to step it up.

  • Hawkman54

    This list should start and end with the O-line!— Cable has made a choice of picking Run Blocking O-linemen instead of picking the BEST O-linemen!!!!! Sweezy and Carp have shown and proven so far That they Both SUCK as pass blockers!
    This team has the talent in every place BUT the O-line to go very far !
    Lets get the best O-linemen (overall ,OH Now Mofitt is gone) To let this team win !
    This team will go as far as the O-line allow it to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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