Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll: Love ’em & Hate ’em

My Love/Hate Relationship With The Coach!

Pete Carroll can be a bit of a polarizing character at times. There are a large number of Seahawks fans that love him and there are quite a few who do not share the feeling.

Some fans flat out hate the guy and believe he should be replaced immediately.

I tend to fall into the first category for the most part:

Love ‘Em

I love the fact that he doesn’t get wrapped up in his love for the players.

Yes, he loves each and every player on the team and is known as a bit of a players coach but he has the ability to get down to business and be the tough guy when it’s called for.

It amuses me when people think he’s bringing in this guy or that guy because of the previous attachments to them because he has proven time and time again that he wants a Seahawks team full of winners who buy into HIS system.

It doesn’t matter who you are to him, if you aren’t doing what he expects from you then you’re going to get a one way ticket out of town. I’m pretty sure he would fire his own mother.

I love his passion for the game.

There is not a player, coach or fan in that stadium that wants a victory more than Pete himself. Though he’s not a Seattle guy who grew up loving the Pacific North West and all the teams here he is a Seahawk and Blue and Green runs through his veins.

He is the type of guy that gets up in the morning and greets the day with a smile on his face looking forward to what each moment holds in store.

The few times I have had the pleasure of speaking with him I could not help but have a better rest of my day. His attitude is contagious and he is just as hyper and energetic in person as he is on the field.

I love the fact that he has a vision.

He doesn’t do things by chance, he doesn’t get caught up in the way other people do things. Will his vision bring a Super Bowl Championship to Seattle?

I don’t know but I think it very well could.

Pete Carroll

I love his PASSION for the game of football!

Whether or not it does, one thing is for sure and that is the Seattle Seahawks are a much better team across the board (excluding QB) than the one he took over 2 years ago.

Hate ‘Em

I hate the fact that he gets to wrapped up in the moment at times.

Sometimes he gets to a point during the course of a game where what he is trying to do isn’t working and instead of switching it up he keeps hitting his head against the wall.

He makes a lot of good adjustments, don’t get me wrong.

I hate the way he manages the play clock.

There were several times throughout the season where I was left scratching my head wondering what he was thinking.

I hate his track record with offensive coordinators.

It seems no matter who he chooses (Darrell Bevell or Jeremy Bates) they do a terrible job. I was one of Bevell’s biggest supporters throughout the season because I was giving him a break for the hand he was dealt.

Watching the Cardinals game (last game of 2011) I saw one of the worst offensive games I have ever seen called at any level of football.

Whether you love him, hate him or fall somewhere in the middle the fact is he has a vision and the Seahawks appear to be prepared to see what it holds in store if given the time to develop.

I see no reason to think that he will not see out the 5 year contract he signed when he was hired as the Seahawks head coach.

I would not be surprised if he is offered an extension before he enters the final year of his contract.


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  • Curt

    Don’t share your hate relationship with Pete and really think you are in the minority.  I personally love what they PC/JS are doing with the organization.  For me they are sooooo much more fun to watch.  What a nice change from the last regime.

  • NWSportsBeat

    Ruskell was pretty much as bad as it gets as far as talent evaluation. I’m really liking the plan PC/JS have, and playing the kids is awesome. I’m buyin what they’re sellin.

  • Thattoddguy

    Being a Hawks fan since 76′, I have thrilled to their successes and I have certainly had my fair share of disappointment, but I was the eternal optimist until having that beaten out of me by the decade of futility that was the 1990’s and have since become a steadfast realist. I remain cautiously optimistic, but I no longer have blind faith that next season will be better. With that said, I like what I have seen since Pete arrived and have been pleasantly suprised at how the majority of his decisions have positively affected the team. I like the direction that we are headed and I look forward to seeing how he improves the franchise moving forward. Half of the fun of watching the Seahawks is watching the creative ways that Pete is getting us there.

    • NWSportsBeat

      Thanks for your comment Toddguy. I 100% agree.

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