Percy Harvin, Russell Wilson & the Amazing Technicolor Seahawks

The Harvin Effect = Danger

John Schneider has done it again. It’s been a few weeks already and the Percy Harvin trade is still resonating loud amongst the 12th Man. The Seattle Seahawks made a bold move making a deal for the ex-Minnesota receiver in hopes that it will improve the team.

A move like this doesn’t just make news, folks, it makes waves.

By locking up one of the most dynamic (and colorful) players in the NFL today, the Seahawks went from great to scary. Minnesota received Seattle’s 2013 1st and 7th round draft picks and a 2014 3rd round pick. While some may think this is a steep price to pay for a player, I assure you it was well worth it.

Here are 4 different ways Percy Harvin will make the Seattle Seahawks a better team, and why the price was right.

Screen Passes

The Seahawks have tried for years to utilize the screen pass and have failed miserably. Why? Because they didn’t have the playmaker to do so. Most recently, Golden Tate has done a pretty good job getting some yardage on screens, but it still hasn’t been wildly successful.

Harvin’s speed and athletic ability makes him the perfect candidate for the screen plays. If he can get a block or two, he has the ability to make a few people miss en-route to the end zone. With the Seahawks tendency to grab blocking WR and TE, Harvin will get those much needed blocks to bust a big play.

Percy Harvin, Seattle Seahawks

Percy Harvin instantly made a dangerous Seahawks team more dangerous.

Runs & Reverses

While Percy Harvin is NO running back, he does a good job at playing one in special situations. Harvin has been used quite effectively on reverses and double reverses at both Florida and Minnesota.

Here in Seattle, they don’t use the reverse often at all. Maybe they’ll install it now that Harvin is in town. Who knows. But since the Seahawks use the read option 9 or 10 times a game, let’s imagine how Harvin makes it even more dangerous.

As of now, Russell Wilson has 2 options in the read option. He can hand it to Marshawn Lynch or he can keep it himself. If you throw Harvin into the mix, you add a 3rd dimension and make it a whole hell of a lot harder to cover.

Imagine Harvin going in motion pre-snap. As he approaches Wilson, running in front of him, he becomes a threat to take the quick handoff around the edge of the line.

And if he DOES take the handoff, he’s got a lot of momentum already working in his favor to make for a quick sprint to the endzone.

Deep Threat Distractions

While you would imagine Harvin being a deep threat, he really isn’t. Not often was Harvin used as a deep threat receiver at Minnesota or at Florida. He does most of his damage in the short game and extends the play as far downfield as he can.

This is not to say he’s not a downfield threat…he’s just known more for being a yards after the catch (YAC) guy.

What he CAN provide in the deep game, though, is a big distraction. With Sidney Rice getting double covered more often than not, an extra receiver downfield can draw the extra coverage away from Rice.

This also works in the case of Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate. Harvin provides a distraction. When there’s a guy on Harvin, there’s one less covering one of the other Seahawk receivers. Russell Wilson should take full advantage and spray the ball all over the field. Every receiver will benefit in this situation.

Return Game

For starters, I am not taking anything away from Leon Washington here. I like Leon Washington A LOT. Hell, I interviewed the man. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that Washington is aging and Harvin is the new class of kick and punt returners.

Harvin’s flat out speed and ability to make cuts makes him a dangerous person anytime he gets his hands on a kick or punt. He has exceptional ball carrier vision as well, seeing holes open in mid-field scrums and shooting through them with ease.

Harvin is the next Leon Washington when it comes to returning kicks and punts. Mark my words.

Think I’ve been talking crazy this whole time? Check out this Percy Harvin highlight reel.

See for yourself, and I’m sure you’ll agree we’re in for some “colorful trickeration” in 2013.


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