Patience, Patience, Patience! Russell Wilson Is A Seahawk

Seattle and Boston Need To Chill

Forgive me in advance; I’m going to rant a bit in this one.

It was brought to my attention this week that a great many of you are still in a panic over the current status of Russell Wilson‘s contract.  It is true that the franchise quarterback of our beloved Seattle Seahawks is still on his rookie deal and that negotiations have been slow, at least if you believe the “unnamed sources”.

I have just one, small piece of advice for those of you that are in a titter about this situation–  Take a pill or something.

Paul Allen

Paul has plenty of cash to pay Wilson. Keep yours!

Paul Allen has more dollars in his bank account than grains of sand found on the beach.  The cash will come Wilson’s way and it will be a lot of cash, more than enough to take care of him, his children and his children’s children.

The other little tidbit mixed in here is this utterly ridiculous notion that somehow donating your own money to a BILLIONAIRE in Paul Allen, so that he can pay Russell Wilson at a level that makes him a MILLIONAIRE, might be dumbest thing I have heard in at least a decade.  Are you kidding me with this?

Seriously, there is a Go Fund Me account out there with roughly $800 in right now because people think that Russell Wilson deserves it and they want to “help out”.  These are people that honestly think that without their collective 800 smackers Wilson could be headed to some other NFL franchise.

Let’s get a few facts straight here folks.

#1.  Russell Wilson is a Seahawk, will continue to be a Seahawk, and won’t ever be anything other than a Seahawk until his playing days are done.

#2.  Even if a deal doesn’t happen this off-season he still has another year on his rookie contract.

#3.  Even if he plays out the rookie deal through 2015 and a deal STILL doesn’t happen the Seahawks can and WILL franchise tag him.

The idea that your $800 is somehow going to change anyone’s mind is just asinine and it’s the same kind of idiocy we are seeing in Boston right now regarding Deflate Gate.

Patriots fans are actually donating money to another billionaire in Robert Kraft to help cover his team’s $1 million fine from the NFL and to help poor Mr. Tom Brady, the millionaire QB who is out four games salary for his role in the scandal.  Why?

Do Pats fans think Kraft is out of cash?  Think again.  If you doubt me, go buy a bottle of salad dressing and check out the label.  You might find a similar spelling if you pick the right brand.

Do any of you donors realize that in this world there are people that go hungry, without a home, without basic medical care, and without education?  Those are just a few areas I can think of that really could use $800.  I’m all for supporting the NFL but this is just so, so wrong on so many levels.

These guys don’t want your money.  They don’t need your money.  Stop sending them your money!  Send your money to someone who needs it.  There are billions of worthy choices out there that are far better than Robert Kraft, Paul Allen, Russell Wilson and Tom Brady and all of them will be far more appreciative of the money than these guys.

One final thought just for the Seahawks’ fans out there– don’t donate your money to Paul Allen for this simple reason:  You don’t want to be thought of as dumb as a Patriots fan.

That is all.

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