Why are you booing Green Bay? Don’t hate Golden Tate!

Fail Mary?

Look, I get it.  You boo the enemy.  I’ve been to games and done it myself.  You boo the guy on the other team, which in most cases is that team’s best player.

Occasionally the target of fan hatred is also a player the opposing fans think plays dirty.  Seems to me Brian Bosworth got booed more often than not in Denver, but I’m pretty sure he was not Seattle’s best player at the time.  Steve Largent, anyone?

So, someone tell me, please!  Green Bay, why are you booing, of all players, Golden Tate?

Golden is not the Seahawks best player.  He’s not even our best wide receiver.  I think there’s a sound argument he’s not even in the top 10 of our “best player list”.  Boo Russell Wilson, maybe Marshawn Lynch.  Those are the two guys who have an argument for “best player” on this Seattle team.

Does Tate play dirty?  Um, unless you want to argue that phantom “defenseless player” penalty for the hit he laid on Sean Lee in Dallas last year, I’d have to say no.  Besides, I’m pretty sure Richard Sherman has a lock on the “dirty player” spot on Seattle’s roster.

Oh the Hail Mary?  You STILL have a problem with that?

How exactly is that play and it’s outcome, in any way, Golden Tate‘s fault?

Golden Tate doing what he does best - #winning - Photo:

Golden Tate doing what he does best – #winning – Photo:

That’s where my research began.  I dove head deep into the social media world of the mid-west to try and explain the green and gold’s hatred for a guy with Gold in his name.

Golden Tate was celebrating on the sidelines after they announced the touchdown was confirmed.

That was one of the most common excuses I saw out there.

Um, hello?

He just won the game on the last play of the game!  Tell me the name of a player who won the game on the last play of the game who did not do a little celebrating?

Pete Carroll was on the sideline clapping and applauding that horrible call on Tate’s play.

Have you been stuck in line at the urinal trough too long?

Pete Carroll is the biggest rah-rah coach in the history of sports.  I’m pretty sure this guy gets up in the morning and if he pours his corn flakes into the bowl without spilling a single one he high fives everyone in the room!

Golden Tate didn’t even apologize afterward when he knew he stole the game.

What exactly do you expect him to apologize for?  For the referees not calling offensive pass interference?  I think you need to boo the ref, not Golden Tate.

A wide receiver telling the ref he did not catch the pass only happens in public service announcements.  Bottom line is, after the refs missed calling Tate for PI, they got the rest of play correct.

Still want an apology?

I’m sorry that your team gave up 8 sacks in one game.    I’m sorry that the Packers only had 84 yards total rushing.  I’m sorry that Aaron Rodgers didn’t throw a single touchdown in the game.  I’m sorry that it did NOT have any effect on your playoff chances.

Do you feel better now?

Congratulations Green Bay, I didn’t think I could conclude any team’s fans, in any sport, as obnoxious as the New York Yankee fans or the Philadelphia Eagle fans, but you proved me wrong. 

Boo Golden with pride Green Bay.

Note: Have you seen Tate’s T-Shirt yet?


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  • Ridgidtool

    Why wouldn’t they boo him? he still claims it was a legitimate play when every football fan in the world knows it was not. You don’t celebrate a cheat win. Irregardless of the pi cal, the rules in this case state that both players have to have both hands on the ball all the way to the ground when Tate did not, you see his left hand hit the turf before contact and then sneak in underneath the defenders right arm as they hit the ground. He lost control.
    I understand you are a homer, and right now I can’t say I have seen a bigger one, but don’t hate the fans for reacting like you do. Rushing yards in that game? Irrelevant to the play. Sacks in that game? Another strawman. You think it edidn’t have an effect on the GB playoff chances? What kind of moron actually thinks that? You sir are a fan, power to ya, but don’t get down on GB fans for seeing the truth.

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