Now Is Not The Right Time To Bench Tarvaris Jackson

QB Status: Tavaris Jackson

There is a major riff in the 12th man nation over who should be behind center come Sunday’s game at home versus the Arizona Cardinals.

Group A wants to see Tarvaris Jackson take the ball and see what he can do at home with the loudest fans in the league behind him. People in this group are ready to sit him if he still doesn’t preform against the Cardinals.

Group B has been chanting “Charlie, Charlie, Charlie” since the second quarter of the 49ers game. There is a subsection of this group that wants to see Josh Portis but that doesn’t even deserve consideration in this or any other serious blog post.

I’m here to tell you that both groups are wrong.

Touchdown Jesus Not The Man This Week vs. Arizona

Pete Carroll will start Jackson this week and it is the right decision. In fact, he needs to start him the two weeks following this weeks game regardless of his performance and here is why.

First, Carroll assured Tarvaris that he would get a fair chance to be the starting quarterback and if he were to pull him before the bye week he would be going back on his word and that would not only upset Jackson but other players would take note as well.

Let us not forget he was voted as a captain by his team.

Second, Tarvaris is only one part of an offense that is under performing. The offensive line is struggling in both the running and passing game and until they can start moving the ball on the ground teams can commit more resources to stopping the run.

Not only is there more defenders either dropping into coverage or rushing the quarterback but Seahawks Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell is being force to call plays with max protection forcing tight ends and running backs to stay in to block instead of running routes.

It is true that Jackson isn’t playing very well but until the team can start showing some signs of life around him we cannot give up on especially knowing that what is waiting in the wings is another quarterback who has his share of warts.

If the team still can’t move the ball by the bye week then I am willing to re-evaluate the topic but not before. The choice is Pete’s so please don’t be so disrespectful by participating in the Charlie Whitehurst chant on sunday or booing the team.

This doesn’t help anything and can only lead to negative effects on the team we all love.


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