2013 Super Bowl Betting: Seattle Seahawks Futures Odds

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Wow! It doesn’t take very long these days to post Super Bowl odds, they are already out for 2013 in New Orleans.

For northwesterners, the Seattle Seahawks, who finished the season at 7-9 those odds are currently listed at 60/1 tied for the third worst with Buffalo and Washington.

NFC West futures and NFC Championship odds will be released by most sportsbooks after the NFL draft.

The NFL betting line for the 2013 championship has the Patriots out on top. With 7/1 odds of winning the Super Bowl they place second behind only Green Bay. The Giants, of course, as they’ve grown used to, are further down with 15/1 odds.

Lets take a look at the season that was and what might be on the horizon to see if it might be worth putting a few ducats on the local team to win it all.

In 2011, the Seattle Seahawks never really stood a chance. They started the season 1-3, while the San Francisco 49ers started 3-1. For a team with higher expectations that might have been kick in the pants but for a team like Seattle it probably just confirmed their status.

Then guess what happened…the Seahawks stroll into Jersey and beat the now minted Super Bowl Champion Giants, handily, in what had to have been the highlight of the year.

All in all 2011 was lacking.

For those who see the glass as half full they see a team that won 7 games, including wins against playoff bound New York and Baltimore, as well as another 4 games they lost by 3 or less points.

On the flip side, this team was pitiful on offense all season long, featuring a punchless passing attack led by QB Tarvaris Jackson and WR Doug Baldwin.

A major talent upgrade in that area will be necessary for this team to even think about making the playoffs, let alone winning the whole thing.

Seattle Seahawks Odds

2013 Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Odds Have Been Posted at Bovada!

2012 And Beyond

Looking ahead to 2012 it seems natural to assume a bit of a regression by the NFC West Division Champs the 49ers. Their defense was just awesome last year but is Alex Smith really ready to lead them to a championship or did he just benefit from some actual stability?

Only time will tell but maybe with a harder schedule next year the Niners win only 10 or 11 games instead of 13. Also to be concerned with are the Arizona Cardinals, who beat the Seahawks on the final weekend to finish 8-8.

Like Seattle this is also a flawed team that needs to get better in several areas to become a real contender….I am not even going to waste time talking about St. Louis Lambs.

They’ll Compete

The Seahawks should be able to compete in the NFC West which will be step 1.

Here is what the team has to do if they want to be considered a real contender for the 2013 big game. It is a short but tall list.

Upgrade at QB – there is no one on the current roster who is going to take this team to the promised land.

Give that QB some weapons – this is probably the easiest item on the checklist because where the will be drafting they should be able to get an impact receiver…and maybe another one later on.

Win the division – The NFC is tough with teams like Atlanta and Detroit only able to qualify as Wild Cards. If they don’t win the division their chances of making the playoffs to start the process are very, very long.

All in all I think the Seahawks 60:1 odds are pretty fair.

This is a quarterback driven league and that is an area where they are seriously lacking and is hard to catch up quick. A change is needed and I hope those in the brain trust admit that.

When we know which way they go then we can re-evaluate.


Green Bay Packers 6/1
New England Patriots 7/1
New Orleans Saints 8/1
Philadelphia Eagles 12/1
Pittsburgh Steelers 12/1
Houston Texans 12/1
Baltimore Ravens 14/1
New York Giants 15/1
San Diego Chargers 16/1
New York Jets 16/1
San Francisco 49ers 18/1
Dallas Cowboys 18/1
Detroit Lions 18/1
Atlanta Falcons 22/1
Chicago Bears 30/1
Arizona Cardinals 30/1
Miami Dolphins 35/1
Cincinnati Bengals 40/1
Indianapolis Colts 50/1
Tennessee Titans 40/1
Oakland Raiders 50/1
Carolina Panthers 50/1
Denver Broncos 50/1
Kansas City Chiefs 50/1
Seattle Seahawks 60/1
Buffalo Bills 60/1
Washington Redskins 60/1
Minnesota Vikings 75/1
St. Louis Rams 75/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 75/1
Cleveland Browns 100/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 100/1

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