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The Seattle Seahawks are stacked. Boasting a stable of young and veteran talent, Seattle has once again made itself relevant in the NFL after a few years that saw them struggle to put together the success they saw from 2004-2008.

They’ve developed the offensive line, completely changed the way people look at secondaries and cornerbacks, and have one of the best young quarterbacks in the nation.

With the 2013 just three weeks away, there’s a ton of potential for the Hawks to succeed. Players such as Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, Max Unger, Russell Wilson, and Bobby Wagner will surely help Seattle on its path to glory.

But while football is the ultimate team sport (as I’m sure you’ve heard me mention before), there are a few players who standout more on Seattle’s roster than others. While some of this is due to their extremely visible position on the field, some of them standout for the sheer reason they are so dominant at what they do. There are four guys in particular I want to talk about in this post, especially considering the fact that I believe they are in the top-5 of their position groups.

Here they are.

Earl Thomas – Free Safety

Earl Thomas

Early Thomas has been the definition of consistent success in the secondary

A young and dominant player, I’d rank Earl Thomas right up there with T.J. Ward and Jairus Byrd as one of the more fluid yet hard-hitting safeties in the league. A standout at Texas, Thomas came to the Seahawks and made an immediate impact.

Since his rookie season he has been instrumental in forwarding the success of the Legion of Boom and has really developed into a terrifying force in the secondary. His natural instincts and ability to get to wherever the ball is has helped Seattle become one of the more intimidating defenses in the league (especially in terms of pass coverage).

Looking ahead I fully expect Thomas to continue his dominance and get even better as he continues to develop into the best safety in the league.

Max Unger – Center

Max Unger is one of those guys who goes out there, does his job well, and helps Seattle to victory while not being heralded all that much for his accomplishments.

Yet, he cannot be overlooked as one of the best centers in the NFL. Drafted out of Oregon in the 2009 NFL Draft, Unger has developed into an instrumental player along the line after making the transition to center.

The evolution of Seattle’s offense and Russell Wilson have undoubtedly helped him become a dominating force along the line, as he uses some of the same run-blocking and techniques he was taught as a Duck.

Though he could develop more of a repertoire for being a fierce pass-blocker, Unger is an extremely smart player who fits perfectly into Seattle’s offensive scheme and has shown that he has what it takes to be one of the best centers in the league.

Richard Sherman – Cornerback

Loud and proud, Sherman is a dominant force on defense. (Photo: Getty Images)

Loud and proud, Sherman is a dominant force on defense. (Photo: Getty Images)

What can anybody say about Richard Sherman that hasn’t already been said? One of the loudest players in the league (literally), Sherman has made a name for himself during his short tenure in Seattle after being converted from a wide receiver to the defensive side of the ball.

Though he does have the reputation of being a bit of a loud-moth at times, Sherman isn’t all talk. He’s a dominant corner who has become a fierce, hard-hitting, ball hawk. He’s helped to redefine what a corner looks like and has shown that big guys can play in the secondary.

Though we’ll likely see his numbers drop in coming years, that’s only because teams hate throwing the ball to his side of the field. But feel rest assured, Seattle fans, when they do decide to challenge the Sherminator, he’ll undoubtedly prove why he is one of the top corners in the league.

Marshawn Lynch – Running Back

Of course you had to know that Beast Mode would make this list. The hardest-hitting, leg churning, tough running backs in the league, there’s no doubting the fact that Marshawn Lynch has helped the Seahawks during their resurgence while establishing himself as one of the top rushers in the NFL.

Though other running backs do tend to attract more attention for their speed, nobody has the consistency and power that Lynch brings to the field.

Though he is getting a little older and may be soon replaced by the likes of Christine Michael, Lynch still has a few good years left in him and will undoubtedly continue to be a force on the field who fails to go down when first contact is initiated.

He’s a tough runner who uses his speed and brute force to get defenders out of his way, and he gives all his effort on every single play. For that reason alone he is a great player, but the way he diversifies Seattle’s offense makes him one of the top in the league.

Seattle fans should never forget how lucky they are to watch such a good product on the field. With some of the top guys in the NFL at their respective positions, the Seahawks are one of the most exciting teams to watch. Let’s hope they provide us with even more thrills in 2013.


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