Patriots vs. Seahawks: Things to love & hate from Sunday

First place and flying high

The Seattle Seahawks continued their winning ways against teams considered the elite in the NFL. The Seahawks have now completely defied odds by doing the reverse of what the pre-season predictions offered by “experts” said about this team.

At this point, the Seahawks SHOULD have a record of 2-4 with losses over the teams they beat and wins over the teams they lost to. Instead, they have proven everyone wrong and are sitting at 4-2.

The game was down to the wire and it could have gone both ways, but the Seahawks did everything they needed to do to win in order to shock the Patriots and send them home with a painful loss.

The Seahawks are now in a 3-way tie for first place in the NFC West. What’s NOT to love about that?!

With that being said, let’s get to the love fest.

Russell Wilson

Does it surprise you that Russell Wilson is my first mention again? The kid needed to deliver, and he did. He proved a few of us right, and proved a LOT of people wrong.

Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks

Richard Sherman finished off the job he began when the game started – getting into Brady’s head.

Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell opened the playbook and Wilson answered the call. He delivered huge plays, kept drives going, and gave the Seahawks the spark of life they needed in order to play beyond inspired to stop the juggernaut New England Patriots.

16 for 27, 293 yard, 3 touchdowns, ZERO interceptions.
How bout those numbers, haters?

Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman has been one of the biggest surprises in the entire NFL this season. While Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor (and Brandon Browner!) are the headliners in the Seattle secondary, Sherman adds that cocky swagger that the defense uses to help fuel their weekly fire.

Seattle has not seen a trash talker like Sherman since Gary Payton wore the Seattle Supersonic Green and Gold. Couple that with Sherman’s lock down defense and ability to stifle #1 receivers around the league, and you have yourself one of the league’s premiere defenders.

People underestimate the part that mind games play on opponents. Sherman spent the whole game telling Brady if he threw his way, he was going to pick one off.

That bit of talking came after Brady was trying to throw to Deion Branch early in the game and saw Sherman swat it away.

He didn’t target Branch again until later in the game, after Sherman had got into Brady’s mind, and resulted in an interception that looked like Sherman was the true receiver on the play.

Wide Receivers

Instead of doing each individually, I am going to place them all into this category. I asked the receivers to step up for this game and they did just that.

All of them.

Sidney Rice came up huge, finally stepping into the #1 receiver role int his offense. He’s been in Seattle for a little while now and has yet to really live up to the billing. Sunday, he proved that a healthy Sidney Rice is a deadly Sidney Rice.

Rice used his size and knowledge of defense to make arguably the biggest play for the Seahawks at the end of the game.

If he continues this kind of play, Seattle’s offensive attack becomes instantly more potent and well rounded.

Pete Carroll

The Seahawks minimized the penalties against the Patriots and look at what happened.

Doug Baldwin stepped up as well, showing us the Dougie Fresh we fell in love with last season. It turns out that a healthy Doug Baldwin is a deadly Doug Baldwin. Are you sensing a pattern here?

Baldwin made some huge plays to help Seattle move the ball downfield in large chunks. His speed and ability to jump above defenders to get the ball helped him out and helped Russell Wilson kick start this pass game into overdrive.

And throw into the mix that Zach Miller was present and active in the pass game (despite his fumble) and it gives Seattle options all over the field for Wilson to throw to.

Seattle has Evan Moore and Anthony McCoy as well while Miller blocks, but it is apparent that Miller’s ability to get downfield, make big catches and absorb hits is exactly what we have all been waiting for.

He’s a good blocker, but he’s a Pro Bowl 700+ yard per season receiving tight end.

Let’s see some more of it!

(Lack of) Penalties

I would like to end this with a quick note about penalties. Seattle is the most penalized team in the NFL. Most of those penalties were stupid and unavoidable and without them, the team doesn’t stall their own drives or extend opponents’ drives.

They minimized the penalties against the Patriots and look at what happened.

Only 1 big run by Wilson was called back.

It’s a start at least.


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