*My* Win-loss predictions for the Seahawks 2013 season

More likely to go 7-9

After the Seattle Seahawks posted an 11-5 record in 2012 behind the leadership and poise of rookie sensation Russell Wilson, the hopes are high in the PNW for an even better 2013.  The common rationale is that the team was peaking toward the end of the season, Wilson will only improve, and with the addition of pieces such as Percy Harvin and Cliff Avril, the forecast is all unicorns and rainbows for the coming season.

Well, reality bites.

The fact is, things rarely go as planned in life and never go as planned in the NFL.  This is how I see the 2013 season going down.

Sep 8 – at Carolina – 10:00 am – LOSS (0-1)

The Seahawks have been known to have their troubles on the road.  It’s also an early start, again something not common for the team.  The lack of a pass rush with Bruce Irvin suspended, Chris Clemons rehab and Michael Bennett’s recovery from a torn rotator cuff will make containing Cam Newton a tough task.  I just don’t think they pull off the win.

Frank Gore

It could be a frustrating year for Seattle. (Photo by Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE)

Sep 15 – vs. San Francisco – 5:30 pm – LOSS (0-2)

Reality is, the same problems they will have in week one will still apply in week 2 when they face Colin Kaepernick.  Even worse, the 49ers are even a better team than the Panthers.  It will be a rough start for the Seahawks.

Sep 22 – vs. Jacksonville – 1:25 pm – WIN (1-2)

Just what the doctor ordered, a home game versus a weak team.

Sep 29 – at Houston – 10:00 am – LOSS (1-3)

I can see this game going either way. However, I think the difference will be J.J. Watt.  His ability to swat down passes at the line of scrimmage will be an issue for Wilson.  The Seahawks will show a lot of heart in this loss.

Oct 6 – at Indianapolis – 10:00 am – WIN (2-3)

Finding the positives in the earlier week’s loss, and with the return of Irvin, the Seahawks will conjure up some magic on the road and start a three game win streak.

Oct 13 – vs. Tennessee – 1:05 pm – WIN (3-3)

Wilson will find a groove against this defense.  A return to Washington state for QB Jake Locker will add some drama.  It will be an entertaining win for the Seahawks.

Oct 17 – at Arizona – 5:25 pm – WIN (4-3)

Sitting at .500 going into this game, the Seahawks will play their heart out to continue their run.  People will start believing again.

Oct 28 – at St. Louis – 5:40 pm  – LOSS (4-4)

Unfortunately, the three game win streak will come to an end.  Rams HC Jeff Fisher knows how to play a better team close, and the Seahawks may not really be all that much better anymore.

Nov 3 – vs. Tampa Bay – 1:05 pm – LOSS (4-5)

Will Wilson struggle in Atlanta? (David Goldman/AP Photo)

Will Wilson struggle in Atlanta? (David Goldman/AP Photo)

After a heartbreaking loss in St Louis and a grueling 4 road games in 5 weeks, the Seahawks come home.  Unfortunately, the team is looking ahead to next week’s game in Atlanta, and get tagged by a potent Buccaneer offense.

Nov 10 – at Atlanta – 10:00 am – LOSS (4-6)

In a quest for revenge from last years 28-30 loss, fans in the PNW forget the fact that Atlanta is a better team in the regular season than the post season, and they are still at home.  This game isn’t as close as last year’s playoff game.

Nov 17 – vs. Minnesota – 1:25 pm – WIN (5-6)

Some home cooking and an inferior team make for a good game.  Look for Harvin to make a mark.

 Week 12 – BYE

This bye will be long overdue. With injuries and losses mounting, sports radio will be filled with chatter questioning, “What went wrong” and “Who is to blame”.

Dec 2 New Orleans 5:40 pm   

Loss (5-7) Coming off the bye, this will be a game that can go either way.  However, in the end, I envision the Saints offense to be too much (*see Atlanta).

Dec 8 – at San Francisco – 1:25 pm – LOSS (5-8)

I know, I know.  By now you are thinking I must be off my rocker.  The Seahawks record at 5-7 coming into this game and a sweep by the 49ers?  Week 2 will seem like such a long time ago, and playing in San Francisco will be hard for the Seahawks to overcome.  I apologize now for the pending heartbreak.

 Dec 15 – at N.Y. Giants – 10:00 am – LOSS (5-9)

Dejected and demoralized, the Seahawks will be facing a Giants team that often seems to find its legs in the final weeks of the season.  Thankfully, it will be the last loss the Seahawks take for the year.

 Dec 22 – vs. Arizona – 1:05 pm – WIN (6-9)

Glad to be home, the team tries to find anything to hang its hat on.  A win here makes the locker room feel good, but does little to save the season.

 Dec 29 – vs. St. Louis – 1:25 pm – WIN (7-9)

Playing for their honor and to have a 2 game win streak from which they can build on going into the 2014 season, the Seahawks come out and dominate the game.  Their effort will leave fans wondering, what happened the rest of the year?

I realize this isn’t what you fans want to read, and chances are since I predicted it, there is no way it will happen.  I’m more ‘magic eight ball’ than I am Nostradamus (though I did think the Seahawks would win 11 games last year when the Vegas o/u was 7.5 games).  That being said, there is too much parity in today’s NFL; anything can happen on any given Sunday.  Add to the fact that the Seahawks have real concerns at pass rush, their schedule is unforgiving, and the fan expectations for Russell Wilson’s progression are unrealistic, and you have a perfect storm of enough weaknesses to find a season suddenly falling far short of last year.

On the flip side, Wilson could become an elite QB in his second season, Harvin will break the all time, all purpose yards record, and we will never hear the words Seattle and Adderall in the same sentence again.

Sorry, but as I said earlier, reality bites.



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