It’s time to turn it loose! An open letter to Darrell Bevell

Release the Beast!

Dear Mr. Bevell,

I’m writing to you as one of literally thousands of concerned Seattle Seahawks fans.  We all have come to one undeniable conclusion: We don’t get your play calling a big majority of the time.

The Seahawks have claimed all year long that they want balance on offense and that it starts with the running game of Marshawn Lynch; yet in a painfully obvious running situation in the fourth quarter against New Orleans, you had Russell Wilson throw a pass!

Let me refresh your memory: The Seahawks had a first down near their own 20-yard line.  There was just under four minutes to play.  New Orleans had just one time out left.  You called for Wilson to roll a bit to his right and throw an out route to Marshawn Lynch that wound up being incomplete.

Now, I realize you were on the field during this play and likely weren’t checking Twitter; but I, along with my editor, and pretty much half of the population of planet earth sent out the exact same tweet after that play ended.  It said simply this.   

Seriously, you gave Drew Brees 40 extra seconds thanks to that play.  Are you kidding me?  Did you hear the boos?  I did, and I was 200 miles from the stadium!

That 40 extra seconds is what allowed the Saints to get that late touchdown and attempt on onside kick, which they recovered!

Darrell Bevell -- What are you doing?

Darrell Bevell — What are you doing?

There are two things you should know about onside kicks.

  1.  Nothing good for your team comes from them when the team your playing tries one against you.
  2.  They often lead to injuries.  Golden Tate could have easily been hurt on that play… all because of you.

Now thankfully the Saints got equally stupid and never tried the Hail Mary like they should have, but what if they had and had been successful?  Look, I don’t think you are a bad guy, but I think you fail to recognize situational football from time to time.

We all also think you get a bit too conservative.  Remember the first New Orleans game where you had Wilson throw the ball downfield about seven or eight times?

Yeah — we liked that.  It worked too!

We like all sorts of fun stuff like that.  Seeing Percy Harvin on the flanker sweep last week was a good start  to you letting your hair down a bit.  You have done it before, just think about it for a minute.

I seem to remember Golden Tate throwing a pass in the not-too-distant past to Sidney Rice.  I even remember some reverses and a flea flicker.  How cool were those?

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not suggesting you run 20 of those type of plays a game, but how about a least three?

Lately you’ve done ZERO!

Thanks Mr. Bevell for hearing me out.  I hate writing letters like this, but with a Super Bowl appearance on the line this week, I really want to see the Seahawks let it all hang out against San Francisco.

Yours truly,



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