Three impressionable Seahawks in Week 3 of the preseason

Hawks vs. Packers

It was a sloppy, hard-fought, ugly affair in Green Bay, but the Seattle Seahawks came away with the victory. The entertainment value was seriously lacking, but there’s no complaining with the results. I mean, I could easily cringe about Russell Wilson‘s two interception performance if I wanted to, but I’d rather not.

While most 12’s have forgotten about the infamous “Fail Mary”, known league wide for hastening the return of NFL caliber referees to the NFL, the same can not be said of the Packers or their fan-base.

As if it wasn’t bad enough having to hear about it all week leading up to the game, as soon as there was a second of dead air – and oh how the flags made for plenty of that – Jim Nantz and Phil Simms just had to bring it up. Annoying doesn’t even come close to describing it.

Maybe it’s time the world moved on?

But back to the game. The Seahawks started the game with possession, and had a successful first drive that led to a Steven Hauschka 27-yard field goal. It was Wilson’s best drive of the game, to be sure.

The level of disconnect between him and Luke Willson in last week’s game had clearly been addressed, as it was a 17 yard completion to Willson that got Seattle into Green Bay territory. It was a nice change of pace from seeing Willson stumble awkwardly through his routes with a look of surprise every time the ball was sent his way.

Golden Tate

Time to move on?

That’s more or less all I have positive to say about the one’s on offense; of all the sub-standard sloppy football I was subject to on Friday, they were serving the cafeteria chili of the bunch.

As has been the case for the majority of this pre-season, when both squads moved down their depth chart’s the game became increasingly Seattle’s to lose.

Quinn Factor

Brady Quinn, who had arguably the most to lose on Friday, had easily his best showing as a Seahawk. After spelling Wilson in the third quarter, it was Quinn’s game for the taking.

He started off poorly, due in large part to awful play from the offensive line and a lack of pocket presence or mobility to mask it. As the line got better, so too did Quinn.

Proving that it wasn’t just Tarvaris Jackson who had otherworldly chemistry with Stephen Williams, Quinn hit him with a 42-yard strike for a touchdown that would give Seattle the 17-10 lead that more than secured their eighth straight pre-season victory. Huzzahs all around.

It’s always difficult to choose just three impressionable Seahawks, the only challenge I’ll have in this week’s selections will be keeping the “Fail Mary” off the list.

You know, since it was an intentional part of the gameplan, perfectly executed last season by Golden Tate, with the hopes of ruining Green Bay’s season.

I mean, it’s still relevant, right?

RG J.R. Sweezy

It seems only suiting that a week after the Seahawks traded John Moffitt (twice) due to Sweezy’s winning the competition as the starting right guard, that he put in his worst performance as a Seahawk. Sweezy’s blocking wasn’t necessarily terrible, as he ranked third-highest on ProFootballFocus’ grading system for Seattle’s starting offensive linemen, but that whole discipline thing was another story.

He’s not as tall or nearly Italian looking as Breno Giacomini, but he’s doing his best to match the reckless abandon with which he plays. And by that I mean he took a lot of stupid penalties.

There was the holding call he took on the Seahawks first drive of the game, that negated a 12-yard run by Marshawn Lynch and arguably stalled the drive to start with. Then there was the unnecessary roughness call for 15-yards that negated a 14-yard run by Robert Turbin and to finish it all off he nullifies a 2-yard scramble by Wilson on the next drive.

Have the Seahawks found their 3-Tech?

Have the Seahawks found their 3-Tech?

In case you’re not keeping track, that’s three penalties, on three straight drives, for a combined 35-yards. Take it eezy, Sweezy.

DT Tony McDaniel

I think Dan Quinn may have finally found Alan Branch‘s replacement. Sure, Quinn wasn’t around for Alan Branch, but that’s just semantics. Anyways, McDaniel was solid and has probably earned himself the starting job at 3tech on Seattle’s defensive front.

He’s massive, he’s mean and he knows how to defend the run. All of these qualities lend themselves extremely well to playing the three technique in Seattle’s defense.

On Friday, making his first pre-season appearance, McDaniel made his mark mostly in run defense. He graded second highest on the team on ProFootballFocus overall, but had a +2.5 alone in run defense.

That’s good. If that weren’t enough, McDaniel displayed – albeit briefly – that he isn’t a complete non-factor in the pass rush. There were multiple occasions when he overwhelmed the Packers line and applied pressure from the middle, and on one of them he even landed a quarterback hit.

He also had a batted pass on the line and assisted in two tackles.

Consider his roster spot all but secured.

RB Christine Michael

It’s hard to really get a grip on where Michael is at, and these pre-season matches have done little to change that. Against first-team defenses he struggles mightily. When playing against the oppositions two’s and three’s, he is a man among boys. Since Michael wasn’t given many reps with the one’s on Friday, all we got to see was the latter.

Then again, they’re all more or less NFL caliber talent, and I’m not looking to take away from his beastly performance at Lambeau.

It didn’t take long for Michael to get going.

On only his fourth carry of the game he took it 43-yards, to the house; with some great blocking from the right side of his line and better yet his receiver downfield, it was a largely uncontested sprint for six.

Michael would finish the night with 11 carries for 97 yards, at a pace of 8.8 yards a carry. When you’re running for over eight yards a carry, it makes it a little easier for me to forget your quality of competition.


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