Moments in time…The Seattle Seahawks week that was

On to the divisionals

It started with a bang, just not the bang the Seattle Seahawks were looking for.

But being the team that no one picks all year long, the way the Seahawks won this game was in typical fashion of a so called “underdog.”

Yes, we were technically the favorite, but for anyone who knows the history of this team, an away game against anybody is never a gimme, just look at the Miami game earlier this year.

But, for once the football God’s were on our side, and it actually took a mistake by super rookie Russell Wilson to finally shift the momentum.

It didn’t hurt that RGIII went down injured and didn’t finish the game, but his offense was completely shut down after the first quarter anyways.

I’m not saying that if his mobility was full they wouldn’t have collapsed, but NFL playoff teams typically don’t give up 24 unanswered points an expect to win the game.

And on that note, I give you my top 10!

10: Slow start

From the onset, it looked like the Redskins were going to completely waltz their way to an easy win against our Seahawks.

But, this is why we play 60 minutes, and not only 15. Because for the remaining 45 minutes, the Seahawks shut down the Skins in every aspect of the game.

9: In Russell we trust

I was 5 years old the last time the Seahawks had won a playoff game on the road, until Sunday that is.

I can’t remember that game, so I lump myself into the same category as the rest of the Hawks fans aged 29 and under.

Sunday was my first playoff road win, and even with my heart being given to Matt Hasselbeck as the best QB in franchise history, I now give my faith completely to Russell Wilson.

He is the man who will lead my beloved football team to the franchises first Super Bowl victory before his career is over.

8: Two birds with one stone

Sorry for the pun, but it’s fitting since two Hawks went down for the year on Sunday.

Chris Clemons, and Steven Hauschka have been put on the IR and will miss the remainder of the playoffs.

Bruce Irvin will most likely pick up the slack for Clemons, and the Hawks have recently signed Ryan Longwell.

7: Picking on the kid

An injured QB in a playoff game is the equivalent to throwing raw meat into the lions den. The outcome is never good.

Not that the Seahawks D was trying to injure RGIII, but they sure weren’t taking it easy on him either.

Once he was taken care of, the game was ours to be had, 14 point deficit and all.

6: Bring on the Dirty Birds

Down one game, the Hawks now need to get focused on the NFC’s top team, the Atlanta Falcons.

Now don’t start to get all worried about this one, the Falcons have been on the decline the ever since their first loss this year.

They aren’t the top seed that needs to be too feared, yet they still are a playoff team. No game should be taken lightly.

Earl Thomas Seahawks

The pick that saved the day (Photo: Washington Times)

5: A la Pittsburgh

We all remember the heartbreak of Super Bowl XL, let’s not try to pretend we don’t.

But the best thing to take away from that year was the Pittsburgh Steelers were a wild card team that had to go on the road for three games to make it to the Super Bowl. I will leave what I think the outcome of that game should’ve been out of this for now.

We are in that same boat this year, and I believe we have the team to make that a reality for Seahawks fans as well.

4: Unlikely heroes

Not that they have lesser roles on this team, but the big plays of Zach Miller and Michael Robinson probably sealed the deal for the Hawks on Sunday.

The extra options that can be counted on in tough situations are what make this offense really dangerous.

3: Marshawn does it again

Besides making the biggest play of the game in my opinion (the fumble recovery), Marshawn Lynch rattled off his now expected 100 plus yard game once again.

He finished with 132 yards, not too shabby for a playoff game eh?

2: Thomas gets a pick

The other momentum swaying play in my opinion was the pick by Earl Thomas.

RGIII was trying to go deep and keep his Redskins on a roll, but he forgot about the best secondary in football.

Thomas stepped in front of the pass at the last minute and picked it off.

The Skins offense just wasn’t the same after that.

1: Play of the week

Like the last few weeks, I’m going to subject you all to my man crush on Russell Wilson once again.

Here is the link to his highlights from the game on Sunday.

But in my defense, he is deserved of this type of love from me.


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