Moments in time…The Seattle Seahawks week that was

A win is a win

Well that moment we had all been waiting for finally got here this morning.

It wasn’t pretty, but it did show us the determination of this squad to find a way to fight through and get the victory against a team that played pretty darn well against us.

Whatever the reasoning behind Carolina seemingly having our number today, we start the season 1-0, and took home a very crucial victory.

Hard nosed wins like this one are exactly what determines a team with a winning attitude, and a team with a losing attitude.

So with that, I bring you my top 10!

10: Slow start

As I alluded to in my pregame piece about the Seahawks getting off to a fast start to be able to win this game, the team decided to do the exact opposite and make us bite our nails all afternoon long.

Slow starts aren’t really anything new with this team in road games, anyone remember last years playoffs?

Maybe Russell Wilson just likes the challenge of keeping the game close so he can win it in a more dramatic fashion.

Who cares now, a win is a win. Do I sound like a broken record yet?

9: Beast was burdened

So much for the awesome ground attack that is supposed to bring fear into our opponents eyes.

Marshawn Lynch was pretty much ineffective for the entire 60 minutes today, gaining just 43 yards on the ground and 9 through the air. Not really Beast Mode numbers.

Pete Carroll has a week to turn this running game around before we face real talent in the San Francisco 49ers. They will be less forgiving with the fact that Lynch is having a poor game.

8: Another milestone


Cam Newton was a handful on Sunday. (Photo:

Not an NFL milestone this time around for Wilson, but he did have his first ever 300 yard passing game.

He really only went up and over the D twice, once in a dropped pass to Stephen Williams, while the second was the very next play, the lone TD pass to Jermaine Kearse.

I’m going to have to agree with the comment made by Michael Strahan in the post game show, something along the lines of that was the quietest 300 yard game I’ve ever seen. Touche Mr. Strahan, Touche.

7: The wait is the hardest part

The off-season always seems longer when your team loses a post season game they should’ve won. And that was true for us Seahawks fans this year.

So finally, after nearly nine months, we finally got to see our boys kickoff for real.

6: Russell O-fun

Over the past Labor Day weekend Russell Okung, in partnership with his Russell Okung UP Foundation, held his annual back to school fair at the Family Fun Center in Redmond.

The event had an estimated 600 kids who got to have fun on some rides, as well as get back to school haircuts and complimentary backpacks.

5: Injuries abound

We all knew we were going to be without Chris Clemons and Cliff Avril for the opener, but one player who I personally thought was going to suit up was Brandon Browner.

Did these injuries hurt us? Absolutely.

We did prevail, but I wonder how many times we would have been able to get to Newton if Clemons or Avril were available.

4: Stop that man!


Doug Baldwin had himself quite the game. (Photo:

In what was perhaps the game saving play, Earl Thomas avenged his missed tackle from one second earlier by stripping the ball away from DeAngelo Williams inside the 10 yard line.

The play preserved the five point lead, and the Hawks sat on the ball and ran out the rest of the game to secure their first victory of the season.

3: New go to guy

Jermaine Kearse had the TD, Golden Tate had some huge first down grabs and Sidney Rice had a nice catch as well, but the go-to guy for Russell Wilson on Sunday was Doug Baldwin for sure.

Baldwin had 7 receptions for 91 yards, a fine performance out of the man who needs to get back to his rookie form for this passing game to keep on track.

This was a good start.

2: Two pointer failed

I questioned this move at the time, even though it did make the most sense.

After Wilson hooked up with Kearse on the long ball, the Hawks led by five. Coach Carroll wanted to make that lead a full TD to safeguard anything happening for the rest of the game, so he opted to go for two.

This is always a gutsy call, and unless you’re Chris Peterson pulling a Statue of Liberty out of your you know what, everybody knows what you’re going to do.

Unfortunately the play didn’t work for us, but the five points were enough for the Seahawks to eke out the win.

1: Just practice for Sunday

For most of us, today’s game was just a primer for the real test on Sunday night.

I know when I first eyed this seasons schedule, the week two matchup against the 49ers on Sunday Night Football was the premier game to look forward to.

This win was nice, of course, but I treated this as the practice for Sunday night. My voice got a little warmed up, my agility is a little slow still but I did get to throw my arms up in a TD celebration so I think I’m all ready for next week!


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