Moments in time…The Seattle Seahawks week that was

Dangerous times at the Clink

The comebacks this year are nice, but this team should be blowing teams like the Texans, Rams and Buccaneers out of the water, not barely hanging on for a win, or coming back by more points than we would like to.

This is character building at its best. And it’s probably helping the business of local Cardiologists too.

The past two weeks have been really tough to watch.

Not only have they been tough to watch, but they are showing that the Seahawks may not be the Super Bowl contender they once claimed to be.

Sidney Rice is out, not that this will make the offensive line worse, or the secondary susceptible to a rookie QB throwing widely on them, or Jermaine Kearse coughing up a ball on a kick return, but it sure feels nice to blame this on something.

Kearse did end up redeeming himself, but something needs to give here pretty quick. We head into Atlanta on Sunday in a re-match of last year’s heart-breaking playoff loss. If we don’t start fast, and keep our knee to their throat, a let-down could be in the works.

I know this is later in the week than usual, but finally, I bring you my top 10!

10: Heart attack

And we thought last week was bad.

9: Historical comeback

Despite looking like absolute dog excrement, the Seahawks did manage to pull off the biggest comeback in franchise history on Sunday.

But really how did we allow ourselves to fall behind so badly against the winless Bucs? The Kearse fumble surely didn’t help matters, but the Bucs found open receivers on just about every drop back.

Plus there were plenty of big holes that were found by the Bucs too. And what the hell was that jump shot TD pass all about?

8: Tale of two halves


Another tough comeback for the Seahawks. (Photo:

The first half of the game belonged to the Bucs for sure, but the Hawks found a bit of momentum by scoring a TD before the break.

The defense finally decided to join the rest of the team in the second half, only allowing a FG, but I think the defining moment of this game was the huge return by Golden Tate. That put the momentum back in our favor for good.

7: I hope this was just the Hawks scary Halloween costume

Halloween week is meant to be fun for all. Scaring the living daylights out of your friends and enemies in the spirit of the holiday.

I hope to God that this was one of Pete Carroll’s sick jokes, starting with the Monday game before Halloween and ending on Sunday’s game, and that he was just trying to scare us fans in the name of Halloween.

6: Return of the phantom calls

This was the only thing that kept me from pinching myself thinking I was having a nightmare; the PI call on Earl Thomas.

It just isn’t a Seahawks game without the refs trying to get in on keeping us down.

5: Retribution for Kearse

Jermaine Kearse must’ve felt awful after his huge fumble in the first half. But he did make it up to not only his teammates, but to the 12th Man all throughout the world with his second half TD.

This kid is still young, and we will have to suffer through some of the boneheaded plays that come with youngsters in this league, but I think this kid has a hell of a future with this team.

4: Wilson takes over…again


Marshawn Lynch was huge in wearing down the Bucs D line. (Photo:

In all but one game this year, we have been able to count on Russell Wilson to win the game for us when it matters most.

Sunday was no different. It helped this time that we had a ground game to speak of too, but Wilson just keeps getting up stronger after every knockdown this year.

I would hate to think of what this team’s record would look like if Wilson were not under center.

3: Hauschka for the win

Even more so than Wilson, Steven Hauschka has been automatic when called upon this year. It’s always dangerous when you call on the kicker to win the game, but Hauschka has to be the best in the league this season.

2: We play the game for 60 minutes (and sometimes more)

Sunday was another example of why football games are played for 60 minutes. Maybe the Bucs went soft, thinking they had this thing wrapped up. But they had to have seen tape of the Houston game right?

Regardless, Russell Wilson led the charge brought our Seahawks back for the win.

1: Gearing up for payback

This upcoming matchup should be an emotional one for everyone on this team, but even more so the defense and the Legion of Boom.

They were the unit that let the playoff win slip away last year, which would have led to an NFC Championship matchup with the hated San Francisco 49ers.

This game needs to be won, not only to keep the streak alive, but for the boys on D who want some redemption.

Let’s make it 9, in an easier way please.

Go Seahawks!


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