Moments in time…The Seattle Seahawks week that was

Everything is bigger in Texas

And that includes comebacks. Man, I honestly think that was the best Seahawks game I have ever seen in my life.

Plus, it kind of put to sleep all of the rumors that this team can’t play on the road, or doesn’t have the moxie to be a Super Bowl contender.

Yes it was an awful offensive display from the Seahawks for three quarters of this football game, well Russell Wilson‘s passing game at least.

Marshawn Lynch had a good game on the ground, but it wasn’t until late in the third quarter that we finally saw some life in these boys.

Call him a game manager, call him a hybrid and better yet, call him a QB that doesn’t have what it takes to make it in the NFL, because all that does is fuel his fire.

And if you think that this win wasn’t all on Russell Wilson, then I think somebody needs to explain the game of football to you.

We can sit here and praise him all day, but let’s get to the top 10!

10: Nose Job

You’ve probably heard the term “smash mouth football” before, but Sunday’s game brought a whole new meaning to that when the Texans JJ Watt had his nose broken during play.

If the sight of his face with blood dripping from his nose into his mouth doesn’t just disgust you, there is something seriously wrong.

9: Super Bowl Preview?

There seemed to be quite a bit of hype heading into this game as a possible Super Bowl preview, and the game was better than a lot of past Super Bowls, but I just don’t think Houston has what it takes to navigate through the AFC.

There are two other teams that look like favorites to me at this early junction of the year; Denver and Indianapolis, who we play this coming Sunday.

No offense to Houston, but they aren’t going to crack the top 3 even this year.

8: 1st Half Blues


Steven Hauschka for the win. (Photo:

It just wouldn’t be a Seahawks road game if they didn’t start out flat.

For the second time this season, the Hawks looked downright terrible during the opening half on the road. Next weeks game is going to have to be different as the Colts are far and away a better team than Houston.

7: Houston You Have a Problem

The obviously biased announcers on the telecast said that the turning point in the game was when Texans linebacker Brian Cushing went out of the game.

I would have to argue that it was when “big game” Doug Baldwin came up with that catch on the sidelines. That was the moment that I woke up out of my beat down funk and really started getting into the game again.

6: It Took Some Time…

For what seemed like an eternity yesterday, the defensive line had a very hard time containing Matt Schaub. Big Red Bryant got in a blocked pass early, but that seemed to be the only pressure put on him.

But in the second half it was a completely different story. Chris Clemons had pressure on Schaub on just about every play, man it’s nice to have him back.

Hopefully next week it doesn’t take a whole half to get the game plan to start working.

5: The Big Hausch

It is always a little dicey relying on a kicker to win a ball game for you, but that is where we were Sunday afternoon.

After defensive stands by both teams, the Seahawks finally go the ball with some good field position thanks to a nice punt return by Golden Tate.

Another nice play set up the WWE penalty, which gave the Hawks even better field position. Good play calling led the team into field goal range, and Steven Hauschka sailed it through the uprights to cap off the un-probable comeback.

4: Shoeless Sherm


These boys should be happy after that comeback. (

In classic Richard Sherman fashion, he added insult to injury when he returned a pick-6 58 yards after losing his shoe.

His sock started flapping faster than his mouth after he breaks up a pass.

3: Guts and Glory

On a play that really could be the season saver this early, Pete Carroll had to go for it on a 4th and 3 inside the red zone.

Wilson dropped back, and with pressure right in his face had to spin to elude a couple of Texans defenders. He then took to the sidelines trying for the first down marker.

With a last second lunge, he lowered his head and half dove past the marker setting up a first down. The Hawks would score their first TD on the very next play. Game defining moment.

2: Scary Moment

I normally like to use this column for positives, but you really couldn’t help but feel for Michael Bennett‘s father yesterday.

When you heard him calling out “Mike” it really pulled at your heart strings.

This is a very dangerous game that we love to watch, and to see what the dangers of the game does to families is hard to swallow sometimes.

Bennett was released from the hospital and was able to return to the stadium yesterday, which is a good thing, especially after he was carried off the field on a stretcher.

1: 4-0 Baby

We had hoped this would be a season of firsts this year, and the first milestone has already been surpassed.

For the first time in Seahawks history, the team is 4-0!

Next week is a tough matchup, so to get to 5-0 is going to be an even bigger fight than this week was. The character is being built, and I like what I’m seeing out of this team.

Are we a complete team yet? Absolutely not, but we are on the right path I think.

Go Hawks!


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