Moments in time…The Seattle Seahawks week that was

Another road loss

One day, hopefully soon, as in next week, we will be able to celebrate after a Seahawks road game, but unfortunately, this week is not that case.

The Seahawks traveled to Miami last week, into their definite un-comfort zone, and walked away with a loss after the D let us all down.

Next week doesn’t get any easier for the Hawks, as they travel to Chicago to take on the Bears, who just so happen to have their starting QB Jay Cutler back in action.

Despite the close loss, and the almost monumental breakdown by the D, the Seattle offense continued to look good, well the passing game that is.

Russell Wilson continues to awe us with his veteran like poise.

This week I am doing something a little different with this piece, I am incorporating my favorite Seahawks TD from the past week, so we will have a little video highlight to go with my rants and raves.

With that, I give you my top 10!

10: Tough way to lose

Losing the game wasn’t bad enough right, we had to go and lose it with a mere 4 seconds left on the clock.

Right when it looked like at least overtime could be in our sights, the kick went up, and through the uprights, ruining our thanksgiving weekends once and for all.

9: Where’s Marshawn?

Okay, maybe we get a little spoiled up here in Seattle by the play of Marshawn Lynch, but 46 yards on 19 carries? That is just uncalled for.

This is a guy who has been at the top of the rushing list all season long, and even with the new found confidence in our passing game, Lynch is still our go to guy to pound out yardage and wear down the defense.

Neither of those two things were apparent in Miami on Sunday.

Leon to the house

Leon Washington taking it to the house (Photo: Yahoo)

8: Solid outing

Another solid outing for the rookie QB Russell Wilson on Sunday.

Wilson went 21 for 27 with 2 TD passes, and threw for 224 yards.

Not quite hall of fame numbers, but good enough to garner a win (you hear that defense?)

7: Another possible set back

It was announced Sunday evening that two Hawks players had tested positive for illegal substances.

Addarall is what was found to be in the system of both Brandon Browner, and Richard Sherman (who both adamantly deny the accusations).

They have appealed the possible 4 game suspensions, and should be able to play on Sunday in Chicago.

Nevertheless, these will be huge voids to fill for the Seahawks if their suspensions are not turned the other way.

6: Week off did no good

You know how sometimes the team that sweeps their playoff round in hockey or basketball seems to lose a step with all that extra rest?

Well that’s kind of how the Hawks defense looked on Sunday.

This is a game that should not have come down to the wire, it should have been a blow out from the onset, but stuff like this happens in the NFL, you need to be mentally sharp for each and every play in each and every game.

The Seahawks have historically been bad on games after their bye weeks though, and now have a record of 6-18 in such games.

5: 12’s on the road?

Maybe it’s time that Mr. Paul Allen himself puts some of his hard earned money on buying a block section at each away stadium we travel too.

That way we can be sure to have our security blanket (the 12th man) with us for all 16 games, not just the 8 at home.

He’s got millions of dollars to throw away, (just look at the Portland Trailblazers) so why not spend some of it to ensure a couple of road wins each year?

Russell Wilson Seahawks

Defense wastes a gem by Russell Wilson (Photo:

4: Leon the great

The biggest story to come from the loss on Sunday was the TD return by Leon Washington.

A 98 yard scamper into the end zone, capping what should have been the winning play.

The TD was also Washington’s 8th kickoff return, tying an NFL record set by Josh Cribbs. More on this later.

3:  Back to the drawing board

With yet another road loss under their belts in 2012, the Seahawks will have to come up with a way to right this streak in a hurry.

No matter if they played the Bears in Chicago, or Seattle, this would be a tough game to prepare for, but I still think we are the better team.

Chicago is good, but they are not great.

We can win this game if our players decide they want it bad enough.

2: Scoring surge

In the last 4 games, the Seahawks offense has been lights out. Averaging just over 25 points a game over that span, compared to the 17 points we averaged during the first 7 games.

This is proof that Russell Wilson has this offense where he wants it, and is getting better reading the opposing defenses and deciding whether he needs to pass, throw it away, or run for glory.

I just can’t fathom where this team would be without him, not knocking Matt Flynn by any means, but I think we would be behind where we are with him at the helm.

1: TD of the week.

Of course this is going to be the kickoff return by Leon Washington, what else would it be.

Here is the link to the video, enjoy!

Well there you have it folks, let’s hope we can turn this around in Chicago next week and still be in the hunt for the playoffs!


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