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Remember when the Boston Red Sox finally got the third out to win the world series? Putting to bed all of those demons of the previous 84 years, and thus killing the “curse of the Bambino.”

That’s sort of how I feel about the “call” last night.

The Seahawks can now finally put to rest the evils of Super Bowl XL behind them, knowing that they won a game on a questionable call.

But was it really that Questionable anyways?

The rule states that if both players have possession of the ball, the possession gets awarded to the offense. That was the call on the field, that is the call in the official rule book.

Kudos to the replacement refs for not being bullied by Mike McCarthy into changing the ruling on the field.

This play was a lot like the game winning play the previous night in the Ravens – Patriots game. An unusual play that can’t be reviewed in the booth.

Both times the officials got it right.

Since this is such a sensitive subject this week, my entire top 10 will be focused on this game.

Without further review on the field, I give you my top 10!

10: Touchdown Gate?

Have you ever heard the phrase “bad publicity is just as good as good publicity.”?

Well get used to that, because for the next 6 days, that is all we are going to be hearing about on ESPN.

Golden Tate

Golden Tate comes down with the game winning TD amid controversy (photo Getty Images)

But hey, at least the focus will finally be on our Seahawks for once.

9: Winners

Okay, here’s another phrase for you; Good teams find a way to win. And boy did the Hawks ever do that.

Never mind the touchdown mess for  a minute, this team completely shut down the “best” qb in the NFL for much of the game.

8 sacks against him in the first half alone! Those numbers are ridiculous, especially for a team that should’nt have been in the position to actually win this game, according to the powers that be.

8: Whiners

We’ve all been in the Packers fans shoes before, losing a game on a questionable call, but I think I’ve seen just as much whining about the refs from our fans as opposed to the rest of the world in the past 12 hours.

C’mon guys, a win is a win no matter how it happens remember?

Plus, there is no such thing as Karma in one life cycle. If we were to wait for Karma to kick in, each and every one of us fans, and each and every one of the Seahawks players will all have to be dead and moved on to our next entities before Karma could take effect.

7: Replay

I’ve seen the replay about 30 times now. I keep going back to it hoping to see something that justifies my friends calling me and telling me I’m only seeing it this way because I’m a Seahawks fan, but I clearly cannot see any reason for this call to go the other way.

Golden Tate went up for the ball, while in the air, got joint control of the ball while coming down to the ground. No extra contact was made during the jump ball on Tate’s behalf.

Now the Packers players, that is a different story.

I will still say that this was the right call, both players had possession of it when they hit the ground, meaning possession goes to the offensive side.

Touchdown, no questions asked.

The guy who went to the ground must have went to the Alvaro Fernandez school of diving this offseason, because Tate barely even touched him and he went flying.

6: Wilson/Tate connection

As the first TD was happening, I tweeted that I hope that this is going to be a start of something great between Russell Wilson and Golden Tate, and boy I think it will be.

Now only if Tate would have caught the ball three minutes before in the end zone none of this nonsense with the officials would have happened.

5: Bruuuuccceeee

Bruce Irvin‘s coming out party was quite something, wasn’t it.

He was shredding lineman the way a pizza guy shreds mozzarella, with ease.

Aaron Rodgers had nowhere to go, and big props to Chris Clemmons and the rest of the D line as well. A great showing by the best defensive line in all of football.

Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll celebrates after the game winning TD Monday night (photo Yahoo! Sports)

4: Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson keeps showing both flashes of brilliance, and flashes of the rookie QB that he is.

One day, very soon I hope, he will be able to get the offense moving like he wants to, and when that happens, watch out, because this team will be very dangerous.

The first TD pass to Golden Tate was just a thing of beauty, but honestly, how many times did he throw the ball away on third down?

A guy with his speed has to be able to spot when there is no one open, and be able to get out of the pocket and get down field.

This is something that I hope the coaching staff will continue to address with him.

3: Tough running

There wasn’t too much to offer offensively for either team in this game.

But Marshawn Lynch quietly banged out another pretty good performance. 98 yards on 25 attempts will get you good offensive movement every week.

Not to mention a win in fantasy football!

2: The world watches us

There’s just something about Monday Night Football that brings about something great in the city of Seattle.

Whether it is Bo Jackson accumulating enough yards to run to Tacoma and back, or Beast Mode getting it done, there are always fireworks that go along with the game that remind the rest of the country that yes, Seattle does still exist.

This week’s game did it’s fair share of cementing itself near the top of the MNF craziness legacy.

1: New fans?

I’m sure the Seahawks made a few new fans in the states of Michigan and Illinois last night.

Nothing quite like playing spoiler for another division on the games biggest stage.

So there it is folks, Seahawks win and get to show the league just how dangerous we are defensively.

Let’s hope next weeks game in St. Louis is just a bit less dramatic. We could use another blow out like against Dallas after this game.


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  • I won’t dispute the interception/TD, though I will say I don’t think it was a TD.

    My big thing is the no-call offensive pass interference on Tate. He blatantly pushes a Green Bay defender in the back, while the defender was facing the ball. How the refs missed that I’ll never understand.

    • NWSportsBeat

      Jon, I’m an admitted Seahawks homer. You know this. NFL Network tonight went back 4 years on end of game Hail Mary calls and there wasn’t any PI calls in the endzone. It just doesn’t get called. Replacement refs or not. Yes Tate pushed Shields. It was a non-call.

      • Will I know better than to argue with a homer 😛 I just don’t know if I’ve ever seen one quiet so blatant. Either way, I’m happy to have the regulars back!

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