Moments in time…The Seattle Seahawks week that was

Hawks move to 3-0

A blow out win for sure, but isn’t that what we were expecting out of the Seahawks against the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars.

Not such a nice homecoming for Gus Bradley, but whatever, he was the one who decided to jump ship. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, or something along those lines.

The Seahawks started with a three and out, and I thought uh-oh, here comes trouble. But the ship was righted and all systems were go after that.

So much so that Pete Carroll decided to give Russell Wilson a chance to punch out early, even though I don’t think Wilson was ready to come out of the game quite yet.

Enough of that though, let’s get to the top 10!

10: Air Raid

He didn’t have the yardage that he did in Week 1 against Carolina, but Russell Wilson tied his career high with four TD passes. Two to Zach Miller and Sidney Rice each.

9: Ground Chunk

Marshawn Lynch started with a bang, but then fizzled quickly in the second quarter. This opened up the play book to the passing game which I’m sure didn’t hurt Wilson’s feelings any.

But it also opened up the opportunity to see this years top draft pick Christine Michael see some action finally. He had some decent gains, and the future does look bright for this young back.

8: Tight End Game


Marshawn Lynch struggled a bit against the Jags D. (Photo:

Wilson was able to use the play action game to his advantage, and the biggest recipients of these plays seemed to be the two-headed TE monster of the Seahawks.

Leading the way was rookie Luke Willson with five grabs for 76 yards. Now while Zach Miller only had two receptions, he made his count with the above mentioned two TD catches.

7: Welcome Back Boys

As I mentioned in a piece earlier this week, the Seahawks got two of their most prized possessions back this week: Chris Clemons and Brandon Browner.

Neither was really great on the day, and it makes one wonder if throwing them in the mix messed with the chemistry of the past two weeks as the Hawks gave up the most points they have so far in the young year.

They will gel, it just may take a minute.

6: Wagner Does it All

Bobby Wagner is a guy who probably needs more press than he really gets. This guy is an absolute beast, and it shows by his team leading nine tackles on Sunday.

But did anyone know he could catch the ball too? Wagner came down with a nice grab to pick off Chad Henne. The more the merrier if you ask me, we can’t rely on the Legion of Boom for all of our interceptions.

5: T-Jack Sighting

Yep that’s right, the game got so out of hand so early that we got our first chance to see ex-starting QB Tarvaris Jackson back under the sun in Seattle.

T-Jack went 7-8 for 129 yards including an amazing TD grab by Doug Baldwin in his first series after taking over for Wilson late in the 3rd.

4: Tops in the NFL


The offense was rolling once again on Sunday. (Photo:

Though the Seahawks gave up almost twice as many points on Sunday than they had the previous two games combined, they start the new week as the top seeded defense in the NFL.

A few things this signifies. One, the Hawks D is scary good and getting better. And two, our defensive players are pissed they gave up 17 points to the Jags. Trust me, this is a great thing.

3: Let Down Averted

There was a lot of talk about a let down or the dreaded trap game this week. But, the crisis was averted and the Hawks went on to win.

Really the only disappointing thing to take away from this game was the defense giving up the 17 points to the worst offense in the league.

2: And Then There Were Seven

As Seattle remained unbeaten this week, they now belong to the ever shrinking number of unbeaten’s in the league.

The good news is we are only scheduled to play one of these teams in the future. Well two I guess if you count the Super Bowl match up against Denver.

1: Best in the West

For the second straight week the Hawks sit atop the NFC West standings all alone. But what almost none of us could have predicted was that we would have a two game lead on the rest of the division this early.

Time to pour it on boys.

Three weeks down, and now we get ready to go to Houston next Sunday. Shall we say 4-0 for the first time in history?


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