Moments in time…The Seattle Seahawks week that was

Ouch, a heart breaker in SF

Another road game, and another lack of a passing game, or scratch that, another lack of a receiving game is more like it.

The Seahawks have had this issue for the balance of this century, yes, even in the Super Bowl year.

It’s nothing new to write about, or to get peeved about, or to even care about really.

This is just one of those things that is.

Just as the rain will fall in Seattle, or the snow will fall in Chicago, the Seahawks will continue to employ receivers who can’t catch the football.

This is why the powers that be continue to put the best defense on the field week after week, and go after the RB’s that will go for 100 week in and week out. It’s our only chance to win football games.

With that, I give you my top 10!

10: Marshawn likes the “Stick”

One player that doesn’t mind going into the hostile territory of Candlestick Park in San Francisco is Marshawn Lynch.

Lynch just came off of his second straight 100 plus yard game in SF.

So don’t tell me their defense is impenetrable.

9: Tough loss

In the up and down first 7 weeks of Russell Wilson‘s career, he has seen just about everything a veteran NFL QB has seen, but just a bit quicker.

If he had a bonus for every dropped pass this season, he would be the highest paid QB in the league, hands down.

When does the Seahawks drop-gate controversy start up?

Marshawn Lynch rattled off another 100 yard performance in San Francisco on Thursday night. (Yahoo! Sports)

8: Pete finally goes down

For the first time in his career in Seattle, Pete Carroll finally lost a prime time game with the Hawks.

His now 4-1 record in prime time games is nothing to get excited about until he can get us to the big game, but it’s still nice to win on national TV.

7: Blown lead

As sure as things are in the NFL, halftime leads are normally a sure thing for a win.

But as this year has shown, the surest of what would be the sure in the past, are not so sure this year.

Take last weeks come from behind win against the Patriots for example, that was just about the surest victory for the Pats that ever could be, yet the Seahawks came out the victors in that game, just as the 49ers did on Sunday.

6: Can’t stop Gore

It was bound to happen eventually, but I personally was hoping it would not be against San Francisco.

A RB on an opposing team lit up the Seahawks prized defense for over 100 yards.

At least we play against Detroit next week, so we can hope to get back on an even keel defensively speaking.

5: Short week proves to be too much

Winning in the NFL is not an easy task, and let alone when you have only four days to prepare for your next “game of the year.”

This week may have been too much, too soon for the Hawks, as their listless offense couldn’t make the plays when they needed to.

And, our defense broke just a bit too soon after keeping us in the game for much of it.

The previous weeks high of beating New England just wasn’t enough momentum to carry us to a victory in SF.

For once I’m not blaming the loss on Russell Wilson! (Yahoo! News)

4: And now for some good news

Despite the loss on Thursday night, the Seahawks have a wonderful shot at still winning the division this year and getting into the playoffs.

Kevin Kolb has gotten himself injured again, so the Cardinals offense will be back on the not scoring as much trend.

We now know what it takes to beat San Francisco, and better yet, have gotten the bulk of our tough schedule out of the way.

Plus, we have gotten all of our division away games out of the way early, so when we face SF, Arizona, and St. Louis for the second legs, they will all be in Seattle.

Momentum: Seattle

3: Looking ahead

With the short week behind us early, this gave the Seahawks an extra few days to prepare for the Detroit Lions, a team that hasn’t quite lived up to last years expectations.

The last time we played there it was a field goal fest, I hope that we can see some offense in this one from the Hawks.

2: Back to the old haunt

The Seahawks are going back to the place where they were humiliated by the powers at be in the NFL, and were stripped of their Super Bowl XL title.

No worries, I think we can honestly come in and get what is ours this time, especially after the upsetting loss last week.

1: Highs and lows

With the loss this past week came the conclusion that yes, the Seahawks know how to score when in the red zone, as they do lead the league in red zone field goals.

But on the other end of the spectrum is red zone touchdowns, and the Seahawks are dead last in the NFL in reaching the endzone while inside their opponents 20 yard line.

Part of this is play calling, and the another part is execution, but the biggest reason why we are dead last is the amount of TD’s that have been disallowed by our receivers dropping the ball in the endzone.

Nobody can keep on winning games without being able to punch it in inside the 20.

This is the major thing that is keeping this team from being a good one, and being an elite one.

That’s it for this week kids. Remember, 10:00 start on Sunday from Detroit.


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